My wonderful blog friends

Feb 2013 005

I just wanted to take a  minute and let all my blog friends who  also follow me know how much I appreciate them !! A young blogger I follow posted a wonderful post on how we should tell people every day how we feel and not let it be something we tell when they are gone. Appreciate our loved ones each day and let them know !!

I feel the same about my friends. I have lost a few dear friends the last ten years and I am forever grateful the last thing I said to each of them was I love you !! I now try very hard to make sure I  say that to each friend and loved one when I hang up with them or say good bye in person . I never want to leave those words unsaid.

So, to all  my wonderful blog friends, thank you for sharing your worlds with me. Many of them are vastly differant from the life I lead and I enjoy so much reading about your lives and what you do and cheering on your successes and consoling your losses. Thanks for sending me your stories and poems and life lessons, you are all wonderful and make my life so much richer !!

I really appreciate you !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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