Been busy, but will be back soon !!

I know I have not been around this last six weeks or so, but moving has taken all my time and entergy . We bought a cute 1964 mid century modern home, with the orginal kitchen, it is very cute and the original bathroom, so pretty !! clean as can be, we are so lucky one family owned it its entire life and they are very clean people !!

We are making head way but have a way to go.

Here are a few pictures of our progress.

pantry repainted and loaded this weekend !! Yes, that is a yard sale sticker on that vase, lol !!!


I have to confess, living room is full of boxes now, and there is a book case on the far side of the tv, but no books unpacked yet. Still working on knick knacks and kitchen, fun !!!!


nice view from kitchen to living room, hung a tv to watch while I cook, got a new fridge, managed to find one for our cute but tiny kitchen !! Still have to do the dishwasher, stove top and hood fan. Waiting on best buy to come out and measure.


new rug for kitchen,  you can see how small it is !!! It is in very nice shape though. Remodel is planned for the future, but until then, we will embrace our small vintage kitchen !!


was so excited to get the border off and then I find a challenge. They had built up plaster where the border was because of the texture on the wall. What in the heck do we do with that. ARghhhhhh !! Not a fun discovery last night !!!


kitchen before fridge, took off the border over the counter top and it had been glued in places so it took off chunks of plaster and paint, but at least still had the texture and the damage areas are not too big. Got the back done, got to do both sides. Then there is another layer of border above the upper cupboards, but it is on painted wall paper, so hopefully that goes smoothly. We really do not want to see what is under that wall paper at this point !!!


Well, anyway, so, looking better every week, have spent a fortune on tons of that odd small  stuff for the house, and I am sure we will spend tons more. All those small things add up.

If I am missing for a bit longer, now you know why !! I will post update pictures as we get things done. It has been a crazy move and fairly brutal on both of us for some reason.

I will be back soon and havce some projects to share.

Thanks for stopping by !!

2 responses to “Been busy, but will be back soon !!”

  1. Wow! Major congrats!!! I haven’t blogged since June but I don’t have nearly the good excuse you do. I can’t wait to see pics of your studio.


  2. Hi Kimberly, I am so happy you stopped by !! I have three blogs that I currently blog on and it is hard sometimes to find time to write on them, despite writing being something I love to do !! LIfe has a way of grabbing you and before you know it, weeks have gone by and no posts !! I want to find a way to give myself the time I need to pursue my writing and keep my blogs all active !!
    I will not be having a studio per se in the new house. We are adding a bedroom, but our son is moving home while he is in college and I have to have a den/ guest room so my compromise is, my husbby is going to put in floor to ceiling shelves in the den closet and all my beads will go in that closet. When I want to bead, I can either set up a table in that room, or take out my work to the dining room or living room. It will not be easy but I will make sure I have an empty shelf for ongoing projects so when I am not working on something I have a safe place to tuck it until I work on it again.
    I will miss having that studio, but it was very hard with the grand kids to not have a place for them to play and sleep over . When we move the next time, which will not be for about five to eight years, we will be designing a house from the ground up, then I can make my studio space the way I want it !! I just have to be creative until then !! Our son will also not be here for more than a few years and at that point I can assign the spare room as a work room/ studio until our next big move, so that will be good, but we are happy to have him as long as we can !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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