My newest creation

I promised to share my angel when I finished her !! I got her done and hooked on the car mirror and took some pictures of her on her maiden  voyage !! She sparkles so prettily in the sun , I am very thrilled with how she came out. I used a white felt, sequin and edge seed bead, but  clear irredescent seed bead on the body to hold the sequins on. I added some swarovski crystals on the loop, but too far up, I will have to redo later, but for now, I love her . My favorate to date.

Here she is !!



I attached a nice size lobster claw and jump ring to the loop so we could hook it on the mirror. My husband hooked her up on the mirror and said, now I feel safe !! I have been making these pretty seed bead angels for over twenty years. I cannot remember how I got started, but somehow I got the idea for the first one and I loved doing it. I was doing seed bead jewelry at the time, and had done some non loomed typed strips I made into bracelets and chockers and loved working wiht the sead beads. I will ask my husband what got me to make the first one, I honestly cannot remember and it is surprising to me that I cannot. They angels have been in our cars, any car we drive, for over twenty years. Our sons and our one daughter in law, also put them in thier cars. Our daughters do not seem as interested in them. These angels have been all over the world as our son insisted on carrying one I made for him on all his deployments over seas, I made him aequin camo angel. I loved how it came out. No loop as it was just in h is ruck sack. But he would not leave home without one !!

I have a real passion for the sead beads and sequins and plan to do a lot more work with them . Ornaments, and some jewelry and more angels and other fun items are running through my head. Once we get settled in our new house, I will be creating some new pretties !!

I have never tried to sell the angels. I make them as gifts and when friends have ordered them, I only charged them a nominal fee. They take so many hours of work no one would want to pay what I would charge !! But I am going to play with the beads and sequins anyway, and create fun ornaments and interesting pieces of jewelry. I have made a mistake for a long time doing stuff I liked to do,  that was more marketable , but was not passionate about. Now I know better !!

Anway, still packing and gettting ready to move. Waiting for our official closing date and time. We are counting the hours at this point, lol !!

I will share pictures once we move, and lots of pictures of me creating and I will share anything I learn or know as usual !!

Thanks for stopping by.

Let me share some recent photos I took while out and about and on our balcony. I love clouds, I take a lot of pictures of them !!



iphone pictures 466


3 responses to “My newest creation”

  1. If you love seed beads… have you ever tried native american type beaded designs? They look impossible to string… but so pretty! I’ve never tried.


    1. Yes, my husband and I actually started out doing native American style first. Earrings, barrets, necklaces, bracelets, and then gradually I got into the traditional style but I love doing the native American style a lot !!


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