Moving and creativity do not mix !!!

I am packing up our house for our move in a few weeks and what a mess !! I am excited about our new house and moving back close to family and friends, but moving is such a drag !! It is not easy to stay creative in any way while you are moving. I am working on an angel for our new car. I normally make one right away but right after we bought the car we decided to move so , that got put off. She is almost done and I will post a picture when I finish her !! It is really hard to be creative when my studio is a mess !!

Here is my studio, before, and after !!!





I have one table in the middle of the room with my beloved sequins and felt cut outs, my thread and some seed beads, the boxes  of seed beads and uncut felt are packed but I have some small baggies of seed beads and a pile of chinet plates , each one with a color of seed beads and sequins from past projects that I left set up for future ones.  I have a lot of already cut out felt pieces for projects so plenty to work with until we move !!



This will be the last stuff of mine packed so I can enjoy them until we move. It is hard to be creative when moving but at least I can keep this small table of stuff out until last minute so I have a creative outlet during the craziness !!! I found I had one really great thing happen as I packed and sorted through my things. I figured out what my big passion in beading is, which is really not a surprise, it always has been, but I shoved it aside so I could do something that I still enjoyed but thought I could make some money at.
I am so passionate about my bead work on felt and garments . Ornaments, my angels and all kinds of embellishments on clothes and stuff like that. That is what a truly love to do !!
As I move and unpack at the new house I will set up my craft area very differantly. I will concentrate on putting my seed beads, sequins and felt where I can work with them. I will work on the things I love and letting the business go for the most part. I will happily do custom orders, sell my already made up inventory online through the end of the year and then come Jan, any inventory left, pull and then be done. I have put my heart and soul into making wine charms and earrings and bracelets and other jewelry that I loved making and I am proud of. I only make things the best quality I can and the fact I cannot sell my items is a source of frustration and some pain to me. I see other sellers sell a lot and feel my prices and quality are very comparable but for whatever reason, I am not selling. I will continue to play with my beads, make jewelry for myself and friends and family. Our grandaughters love to play with the beads and I certainly have enough to play for years !!
I still love the beads, all beads, no doubt about it. I could still walk into a bead mart sale and spend hundreds, but if I am to go in the future, it will be as a hobbist not a business owner.
I will still be blogging on this blog, I plan to play more with beads and other crafts and share what I do here and have fun. No stress. If I sell , great, wonderful, I will be thrilled, but that will not be my goal anymore. Having fun and loving the bead work will be my focus as the stress of trying to sell kind of hurt my love of the craft as once you are trying to make money and making a lot of items, it takes away from the fun of what you are doing. I want to rediscover that joy. I know I still have it, I just have to get back to that. I will have a new house and things to do and some creative projects and that will be fun to do and share.
So, some of the projects I have done in the past that I want to start doing again, as my main focus are my seed bead, sequin work, like these, which I have posted above in thier own pageI love my seed beads, sequins, and felt. I have so many sequins, three plastic shoe boxes in every color you can imagine, and seed beads  in every color, bead threads of every color and same with my felt !! Pictures are of some ornaments, my beaded angels, a fun blue beaded mustache ornament for a blogger friend expecting a baby boy , who loves mustaches !!! I love making earrings and other jewelry, barretts, so many items and then I can accent with my regular beads, my huge collection of buttons and other fun craft supplies I have. I think I will be more creative and certainly have more fun and will post more here to share with you  !! Enjoying what you do , being passionate about it, that is what we live for, so that is my focus as we move to this new home !!!

Dec 4 beaded ornaments, blog posts 2012 015



hand beaded barrette I made by hand, no loom, and sewed to a piece of doe skin and onto a metal barrette
hand beaded barrette I made by hand, no loom, and sewed to a piece of doe skin and onto a metal barrette

Beaded ornaments 012

sead bead jewelry 068

I love to do beadwork on clothes, do not have any pictures of any I have done. I will be doing some soon and then I can share those as I create them  !!

Thanks for stopping by and I will work harder on posting on a regular basis, and once I move will get settled down to writing and creating on a daily basis !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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