You can never have too many sequins !!!

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I love sequins. I love to make things from them and collect them. I have two plastic shoe boxes full of little bags in  every single color  you can imagine and then yet another one about half full.

Do you think this stops me from buying more, NOPE.

I was very disapointed at Hobby Lobby to see them discontinue a couple of colors I love. I bought the last ones they had on clearance and then bought one each of the new colors that replaced them along with another interesting color and I did buy a bag of black on clearance as well. Can never have too many black sequins , can you ?

Here is what I got , the room is dark as it is cloudy out and the lamp just made it dark, I will try to update with better pictures as before I could, the camera turned off and said charge battery, lol !!!




the new color I added, kind of a salmon pink, really pretty.Matches my iphone otter box , lol !!! if I could figure out how to bling out an otter box I would, but I have not figured out a way yet !!!


The differances are not as subtle as they look, the new colors are much darker and have more of an AB shimmer to them. Still pretty, but just not the blue and pink I have loved buying there for years !!

That is not where I stopped.

I  had to, that is all I can say. If you are addicted to sequins, how could you pass them up !! I was told at checkout that they went from the box straight to clearance, she was the one that did it, and she was shocked. I only did not buy the silver ones, they had white thread and looked awful, but the black and red were just too wonderful to pass up, here they are , lol !!!



Yes they are, large. sequin. beads.  gaudy as can be and I just love them !!  I am not sure what in the world I will do with them  but I had to have them  !! 1.99 each, and just too wonderful to pass up !!!

I did get some beads too, all on a 50 percent off sale,  2.50 each set , all glass !!!




I Picked out the dotted glass beads, but my hubby, my partner in crime picked out the other two blue and green sets of beads and I love them.

The dumb thing is, nothing is selling, and I should not be buying another bead at this point, but I love them and when on sale, I just seem to have to buy a few more.

I told my husband I was sorry I have spent so much on beads over the years and have not made much of the money back in sales,  and he was so amazing. He told me, I have never told you that you had to make money with your beads. If you do, great, but as long as you enjoy them, I am happy with that !! Do not worry about it !!! He means it too !!

He even helps me pick out  more, lol !!
Here is another treasure I picked up from a thrift store,

I see jungle wine charms in  my etsy stores future, love the wood beads too, they will be so cool !!!


So, my bead and sequin addiction are ongoing. At least if you have to collect something, they are small, although as my studio shows, a lot of small things still take up a lot of room !!They are pretty cheap too, although over twenty years of collecting, even cheap by the hundreds, adds up, lol !!   I am up to 61  of those divided , 18 or 20 section plastic bead boxes full of seed beads, regular beads, findings, charms, and so on. I need a few more, so it will be seventy soon I have a feeling just so I can put away everything on my work table. We are moving in six weeks and I have to get it all put up, what a challenge, and how overwelming it seems. I have two of our grand daughters for the week and they are 4 and a half and six and a half, very good, but busy, not the same as being home alone, so not much is getting done at this point !!

I am going to start a beaded angel for my new car, I will post pictures of the process, once my camera battery charges !!

Thanks for stopping by, I am so grateful for all of you who read my blog !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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