Shipping delays, big discount and other things

I had orginally closed the shop while I was taking care of some things regarding our move in a couple of months and then decided to let my customers decide what they wanted. I am giving a 25 percent discount on all orders, big or small, no limit, through June 15 because I cannot ship until Monday June 17. Shipping itself however, is not discounted as I charge pretty much what it costs me to get it to you !!  There is not limit to how big the order can be, just put in the coupon code  SHIPPINGDELAY , one word all caps, and you will get 25 percent off your order.

I appologize for being absent for a couple of weeks, but after getting hit by a couple of bugs back to back, I have just not been up to much !! We have also been working on our house when we can and getting ready to move in 8 weeks.

I will be around on a regular basis again. Thanks for being patient and I hope everyone takes advantage of the sale prices !! It is a good deal and since I do not add much per item for shipping, you can take advantage of the shipping discount on mulitple items as well.

I have been playing with my beads however, so here are some things I came up with, some I finished up and some I never did. I got several pairs of earrings made for myself , so I have had some fun !!

I did make this clear set up


did not make either of these  pairs  up. Still playing with the charm, not sure what I want to do.


I just love t hese pretty little beads, been using them a lot. Got them off an old necklace I picked up at the Salvation Army !!


lots of neat stuff to take apart on this necklace !! Been having a lot of fun with it !!



This was my favorate pair I made to go with a few tops I have and today I lost one of them, so I will make another , but I was sad knowing the pretty beads would be found, and thrown away, or driven over or some other sad thing !! I hope a creative person finds and uses them !! I have no clue where it fell off !!


So, that is about it for now !!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful June !!

Thanks for stopping by today !!!

let me leave you with a pretty picture from our lovely yard !!!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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