Studio mess,ADD, and unrelated project ramblings !!

Here is where my life long ADD( yes, diagnoised and treated as a kid, but it never went away as anyone who knows me well will agree with, lol !!! ) gets the best of me, my studio. Argghhh. I have no idea how to best organize all those little odds and ends. I need to pick up, I have quite the mess on my work table and I want to try working on some polymer clay, but whew, I have a lot to clean up before I can do that. My shelves are nice and organized, and most of the stuff I can find a place for,  but I have so many tiny little odd things and it is overwelming sometimes along with all the oddball little projects I do.

Some necklaces I have to take apart to use, small boxes of differant charms and findings, some clay projects and some decoupage projects , a matt of  beads I was using, along with findings and charms, not to mention two full trays of beads, but those I will leave  the way they are, they come in very handy when I need to make something quickly. All the colors are on the trays. Very handy, espeically when I quickly want to make a pair of earrings for an outfit.



my bead trays, more full than this now,  I forgot to take new pictures, these are months old, they have a lot of beads on each but it makes life so much easier to pick through the trays rather than get all the differant boxes out, sometimes two for each color.





you can see trays on my shelves, more mess, lol !! Projects and beads and all kinds of stuff.


my other work table, more stuff, lol !!! the white box on the bottom is empty and the top empty lid to the box on the luggage stand with my listed stuff in it,  is mainly unlisted finished items. Some old, some new.


my shelves are very nice for the most part, most things are labeled and  like items together as much as possible.


I have reused boxes a few times over the years, so I really need to label them with stickers neatly, that might be a project for this summer.


The S is for seed beads so at a glance I know which are seed beads and which are not.  A couple only have it on one side so I need to fix that too, and  do the sticker thing on all the beads.



I really do need a ten step program for my sequins, I have so many, three shoe boxes full plus my kit ones, shown below




more sequins, I want to make us some kits for people , so they can make some of the fun sequiny things I love to make, but have to divide into smaller bags, and just have not gotten to it. Got them very inexpensively and love that !!




Just finished a beaded sequin  project I sent to a fellow blogger, here are the trays I used and some projects I want to work on,

I made her a beaded mustache ornament. She loves mustaches and is having a baby boy !! I also made her a mustache pin to wear if she feels like it !!





Anyway. This is how my creatve mind works. I have it clean for a minute, and then poof, it looks like this again. I like to see things to work with them. It would be fine to leave out ,  but I really want to experiment with my clay and I need to make room. I could do that with the  other work table, but have a drill press there for making beads out of all kinds of fun things.

So, anyway, this is my messy studio and I am going to spend the next week cleaning it up, yet  again, lol, and then get working on the polymer clay. I have made a lot of things out of this creative mess and it made it easier to do so. but with a move to a new place  a few weeks away and wanting to work on new projects, it is time to get it cleaned up !!

I do have two custom orders to get done first and then once they are done, and I will take pictures while I do them, but then, project organization !! Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Studio mess,ADD, and unrelated project ramblings !!”

  1. You have so much stuff! 🙂


  2. You are right, I really do !!! It is is from over twenty years of working in beads !! I started back in 2001 when our youngest of our four kids was around two. Believe it or not I have purged quite a bit a few times, I cannot imagine what I would have if I had not done that !! I have not met a bead I did not like , lol !!!


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