Big Sale in my shop

I decided to today to put out a coupon code through the end of the month. I am giving everyone 20 percent off thier entire order, no limit. Shipping is not included of course, but the  shipping is only what it costs me.

I have sat here and made so many things I am proud of and they just do not sell. I have tried really low prices, then I recently tried higher prices, it does not seem to matter. I lowered some of the higher prices and then put the coupon code on my welcome .

As things fall off my store, listings are for four months and then you have to renew. I am not sure how much I will renew. I am  very frustrated with how things are going and have to figure it out. I am committed to Ruthie Harts blog as a sponsor through the end of the year, so I will keep some inventory but I am not sure how much at this point.

I went through my items today and I am very happy with my quality of both materials and my workmanship. I wil not sell something I do not feel is the best possible work I can do and I try to make that high quality.

So, I will see how the sale goes, and then go from there. So, if you are interested, click on the link to the right on my etsy store and see what I have. I have some expired listings and many other things I am working on, so do not be afraid to ask for something you do not see. I charge the same for custom orders as similiar items in my shop. All custom orders made will have the same discount.

Some of my items listed in my store

wine charms







Lovely pink vintage style glass faceted stones in a raw brass finding with round brass ear wires
Lovely pink vintage style glass faceted stones in a raw brass finding with round brass ear wires

this set of ballet charm earrings was made with genuine cultured pearls. Very dainty and pretty


One of my full heavily beaded charm bracelet and earring sets

jewerly 1299

vintage wood watermelons made into earrings



I have 139 items in my shop so too many to put here, so please stop by and take advantage of my coupon for 20 percent off on your complete order before shipping !! I give a discount on shipping for mulitple items, so the more you buy the cheaper the shipping is overall.

Thanks so much !!!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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