I am back, a bit late, but I am here !!

I did not mean to be away this long, but first we went out of state to visit family and then came home and had a lot to take care of and then I got a nasty little bug and I suspect perimenapause has been having a bit of fun with me as my fatique has been a bit over the top for a few days. I am half way to full menapause so anything is possible. But today, I am awake, and feeling much better and ready to get back in the saddle again.

We took off for Mississippi from Dallas and I just did not want to annouce I would not be home. Just something I do not do on facebook or this blog even though facebook is just mainly family and friends, I just try to be smart about what I say on social networks. We had a nice time and  really enjoyed our selves although the trip home had some challenges and we spent much longer in the car then we should have due to a combination of car issues, ah hem, the mechanic that fixed it right before we left neglected to tightedn the radiator hoses, which was okay on the way there, but then it cooled down and sat for a few days as we never drove it again until we left. My husband  feels the hoses had swelled up and since they were not tightened, the minute we took off the water and coolant started spewing out. Thank God we always bring a bottle of coolant in the car with us, but he had just  started to p0ur it in to cool the engine before we knew it was the hoses, so we lost some of it before he could tighten them, so we poured all the bottled water we had in the radiator and it was enough and then had to find some coolant to add. Then there was a big accident, I guess we missed a four hour traffic stand still but still ended up delayed by a few hours by that accident and major road work going on. We should have been home by eight, got home at midnight. We were beat !!

Some pictures of my time away,

Sun rise the morning we left, through our dirty windshield, lol !!! So pretty !! We left at five thirty am.




other interersting stuff , kept me from being bored on the drive. Arkasas is so pretty, but it is the same scenery for most of the trip, so when I got a chance at a differant view, took a picture of it !!

I believe this is crossing the Mississippi river to Tennessee


not sure what this is, but looked kind of cool !!!


lol, too funny !!!


if you are in the south, you will see these everywhere !!


When traffic was at a stand still, had a blast taking pictures through an open window



I was bored, liked the color contrast between the sign and trees


not sure why, but I love taking pictures of stuff like this,wires, telephone poles and  especially traffic lights and especially against a pretty sky !!


Did I mention I was bored ?


wow, this woke me up, lol, a big tow truck was in front of it, lol !!


We had never seen as many trucks on the road as we did on this trip. this is when we were at a stand still


I love clouds and take hundreds of pictures of them a year. They are so pretty and are constantly changing and I love the light play


not sure why this amused me so much, the wording was just kind of funny to me, again, bored in a truck for HOURS


I told you I love pictures of traffic lights. loved the wires crossing, but wish the sky was prettier !!


Well, I tortured you enough with my pictures.  We had so much  fun and enjoyed our visit so much !! Missed home a bit   and missed my blog and reading my friends blogs, although I was able to at least read most of them, just could not comment or like as my app was not working right for WordPress on my iphone .

Glad to be home , home is always nice after being away and boy were we spoiled , great cooking and company,  and now trying to figure out what I am going to do next !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

One last pretty picture from our house on mothers day, love our roses !!


3 responses to “I am back, a bit late, but I am here !!”

  1. Welcome home! Waffle House, next to Shipley’s Donuts, is maybe what I miss most from living down south 🙂 And I also like those wires against the sky type pictures – contrast of geometric order with fanciful clouds, maybe, or technology against nature… thanks for sharing your pictures!


  2. Thanks for stopping by !! Being born and raised in southern California, Los Angeles and Orange countes until the last few years and then we were out in the desert as we could not afford those areas anymore,when we moved to the Dallas area 12 years ago, Waffle House was a new thing to us !! Sonic, Kroger, Tom thumb, all things we had never seen !! My husband keeps telling me about those Shipley donuts, but has yet to buy me any, probably because he is home one day a week and we forget, there is not one right by us, it would be a twenty minute drive , but now I am going to make a point of it, lol !!
    Not sure what the draw is, but I do love the urban photography against pretty skies, but then I love clouds even by themselves !!


  3. Welcome Back! For some reason I didn’t get this when you posted it (my WP has been acting up lately). Glad you had a good break, I’m sure you can’t wait to get back to beading!


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