On hold for the next week or so !!

Just wanted to let everyone know I have some things to do , everything is fine, nothing is wrong, want to be clear about that , and I just  put  my Etsy store on hold, or as they call it, on  vacation mode for a week or so. I will be back, I am not leaving and again, I am fine and nothing is wrong,  and I appologize for any inconvience !! I did not want anyone to think I just disapeared !! I will be back with new things to share I promise !! So, if the blog is quiet until next week, it is just temporary, got a lot going on and I need to take a break, but I am not leaving for good, I will be back with plenty to say !! I renewed my sponsor ship with Ruthie Hart through the end of the year, so I am here to stay  for at least through the end of the year and I just want to make sure no one thinks I gave up and quit and left, could not be further from the truth !! Anyone whos blog I follow, if I not online as much, I will be back. Even if I am not posting or keeping up my store, I will try to at least keep up with some of the blog posts I get in my emails !! I really enjoy them all so much !!

Thanks so much, talk to you soon, will explain it all next week !!  Here is a pretty sunset I got off our back patio the other day !!  Really nice !!


3 responses to “On hold for the next week or so !!”

  1. Enjoy your timeout, take care. Linda x


  2. Enjoy your break, see you again soon x


  3. thanks so much both of you !! I was still reading your blogs while I was away, just could not answer or like on my stupid iphone !! My wordpress app just is not working right !!


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