MY 100TH POST TODAY !! Baubles to beads to baubles

This is my 100th post on this blog, whooo hooo !! That is a big milestone !! I am very excited !! Thanks for being part of me getting to 100 !!!

Well, yesterday, I found some treasures at Catherines when we were there returning some items I had ordered online, and they had a little area with some clearance jewelry, marked  way, way down and I picked up a few pieces.Did I happen to mention they were marked waaaaay down.  I got some credit in the store, most of which I used to replace the pieces I got and then I spend a few dollars out of pocket.

Here is my baubles, to beads, to baubles  project for today !!

Here is a pair of earrings. I knew without a doubt I would be taking them apart.





I forgot to take a picture of the pieces, but I took all the pretty discs with the crystals off, and replaced them with these beads,


taken from this bracelet


and this is what I got, LOVE THEM !!!



I did them one little disk off, one bead on, so while I had the jump ring open, did both at once to save time and wear on the jump ring. That is way I never took a picture of the disks, I could have after I was done, but did not think about it !! I guess I still could, lol !!

here they are first one done, second one still complete as it came.



Now I got the parts, okay, here are the pieces I took off the earrings, I think they are pretty, nice clear crystal, any pink is my darn camera again, and the backs are plain which I show in the last picture ! But cute for earrings or a charm bracelet and I have a set of posts now that are really pretty !!




The other components for the bracelet are very nice too !! The ones I used in the earrings, deep bronze, no p ink, darn camera again, I am going to have to replace it, this drives me crazy !! Silver would have been a better choice !!


a red shell , very glossy and pretty. Much much prettier than the picture


a clear faceted gold glass bead, with a hint of orange. Very pretty !!


a rich deep brown shell


a more beige or tan like shell


So, a lot of wonderful things I can do things with !!

I also got ,

Two faceted glass beaded memory bracelets in three of  the most gorgeous colors,  red , an orange ab finish and smaller version of the metallic brassy beads I used in the earrings. I took them apart and got a nice big pile of each color between the two bracelets and  have that wonderful memory wire to use as well. Three bucks each on those too. They had an original price of 20.00 each, wow !! I saved 17.00 each on the two I got. I wish the camera could have caught the colors.


An elastic bracelet that I discovered was glass beads with bead caps, on a really nice metal chain, with elastic pulling it together. Cut the elastic and got a long chain with all these lovely black and red faceted glass beads with tiny bead caps on them. Not sure what I want to do, but wow , also a 20 dollar original price. I forgot to take a picture before I cut the elastic threaded through it. Rich deep cherry red and black glass faceted beads, the chain is that kind of black glossy metal .


you can see it in the back ground of this picture stretched out. It is really long and has a lot of beads, and chain. Five bucks for it, another 20 original priced item !!


I got three really long necklaces, two blue and purple, one black and red, for five bucks each, originally 24 bucks each !! Seed beads in between. I have taken apart the black and red, but not the blue and purple ones  yet.



So, these are my baubles to beads, and so far one back to baubles, and more to come. I cannot believe the  deal I got on the jewelry.

so, if you keep your eyes open, you might be able to find some pretty amazing deals, they are all around, and some of them are pretty amazing !!

Thanks for stopping by , on to more projects !!


6 responses to “MY 100TH POST TODAY !! Baubles to beads to baubles”

  1. looks like you got some really pretty beads at bargin prices! lucky you!


  2. I sure did Norma, I was thrilled too !! It does not happen often. I was just looking at the reciept and I forgot I get an extra ten percent off every purchase so I got them even cheaper than I thought !!
    I never pass up the clearance section, most of the time , nothing good, but sometimes, what others think is ugly, has beautfiul parts you can take apart, so you can score some great deals if you are willing to do the work !!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to commnet, I really appreciate it !!


  3. Congratulations on your 100th post!! – and what a great haul, I love the clearance section!


    1. Thanks so much !!! I love the clearance section too, unfortunately deals like that are not around that often, I got very lucky ! It turned out because I have the perk card for Catherines, I got them for even less than I though, so that is even better, ten percent less per item !!


      1. A good bargain really makes my day! 🙂


  4. Hi Steffie. You might want to check and see if there is a store called Ecothrift in your city/town. I couldn’t vouch for them anywhere but here in Sacramento, but I have found some great stuff there. Gayle.


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