My nice clean studio !!

after posting some pictures of my not so clean studio on my stephies beads and baubles face book page today, I decided that I needed to clean this place up , so I did !! As much as a creative person can clean up, lol !!

here is the before, got to show that I suppose, lol !! It is pretty bad !!



IT was pretty bad for sure. I got very motivated after I saw these pictures !

So, here are the results of my hard work !!

the desk still has  materials and projects, but I got them more ogranized , they were a big ginormous mess !!!









Thanks for stopping by, this is my clean studio for now, but I did not show you the dining room table, maybe tomorrow , lol !!

I also posted on my finance blog, link on the right, if you have any interest in paying off debt, that is what we are tackling and what I am blogging about in Breaking up with Debt. I sure would apprecate any visits, it is a pretty lonely site right now !!

I also have a face book page for Stephies Beads and Baubles,  there is a link and like button on the right, waaaaay down the page, I would love for you to stop by and visit, be sure and say hi, and please give me a like, I can use all I can get on that page !! You need 30 likes  just to get the ablitity to watch the traffice and see the feed back on the traffic, I was at 29 this morning , have not checked tonight !!

Thanks so much !!


7 responses to “My nice clean studio !!”

    • Hi Shakti, It really does !! I went through what was on my work table and organized it and now I know what I have. I have more ideas in my head now than before. Creative disorganization is okay to a point, but it does get to the place where it is not encouraging creativity any longer !!


    • LOl, I wish I could help, think we live just a bit too far apart !! Putting pictures of your space online is a great movtivator, lol !! Not sure when I would have done it had I not decided to put my studio on my page !! I am hoping it will stay this way for a while, but already have projects on the work table, lol !!


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