Working on stuff today

Despite my gonna take a break post, lol, here I am again. I love to bead and blog way too much to let things get me down !!

I played in the beads today and here is what I came up with, such a pretty piece !! started with these lovely square glass beads I got from, they are awesome, they have really awesome beads, if you have never checked them out, I hope you will. I do not get anything for telling you that, lol, I just love small mom and pops and that is what they are, amazing customer service !!


first I thought of linking them together but a few of them had holes just a bit tiny and then I decided I did not feel like making all those loops today, some days I feel more loopy then others, lol,  so I decided to go another way with it !!




So I found these lovely aqua beads, glass, faceted, that matched the aqua in the square beads, perfect !! Now I have a plan !!




found a nice , bit unusual , but square to match the beads, toggle clasp and it is done, only problem is, my camera would not show the aqua so I kept trying new things, not knowing they would look fine on the computer, so the last few on the tan paper are not the right color, the blue is a rich teal , so pretty !! Not the lighter , not aqua at all these pictures show.  So, the color is the true agua in the earlier pictures, but this is the finished piece, it is pretty in the pictures even with the colors off !!



Then I got out my seed beads and sequins to play. I love to make beaded ornaments and , well, pretty much anything with sead beads and sequins.

This is a secret for now, a gift for a fellow blogger, but I will have it done and shipped in the next day or so, then once she recieves it, I will share here !!

These are the colors

black, shiny black sequins and black seed beads , I am using my beloved chinet plates for my bead work, I love them and the one in the first pictures is probably twenty years old and soft as suede now. So, I switched to a new plate as it seemed a bit linty, so I will wipe it down for the next time. Probably dusty from age. FYI, it is not stained  all over, just a few tiny ones, , it is just the shadows from the camera , not enough light I guess.Chinet plates are the best for seed bead and sequin work, they allow you to catch the needle as you grab the beads and sequins, I just love them and always have a pile of them , many stay filled for the next use and some are empty. Great beading aid, for sure !!




a lovely shade of blue, seed beads and sequins , the camera did not capture it right, it is a much prettier blue, but when I am done I will get some really nice pictures of it.


Thats the teaser, I should have the post up in the next few days or so showing the finished piece, it is going to be a lot of fun !!

Well, thanks for coming by. I am happy to be back here blogging daily again. I just needed a few days off !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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