working to get more visable

A smart lady suggested I get a facebook page for my business, and luckily I already had. I was just not using it. I got on there today and posted some stuff and loaded up pictures and shared on my personal face book page.

I have 23 followers and need 30 to track the visitors on my page, so anyone willing to click on the link to the right over there ———> and like my face book page, I would really appreciate it !!

I am going to work harder than ever to get more people to my site.

So, I updated my facebook, looked into the groups on Etsy  and have a few I belong to, will work on that more as well.  I look forward to turning this


into this


I appreciate everyone who reads this blog , it is fun to know I have people reading what I share. I hope I can add some new readers  as well and find some new customers !!
I love making my jewelry and will keep working hard. I am still figuring it all out, but at least took one new step in a differant direction today by getting back on my facebook page !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “working to get more visable”

  1. You are a dear and i wish you all the best. I went liked ya and then I posted about ya on my own Facebook page. Keep us updated.


    1. I saw that and thanked you on the page, that is so nice of you, your support is so appreciated !! I am ending on a much better note today and you can take some of the credit for that !! I am glad you mentioned the facebook page, I had completely forgotten it !! Now I feel like I have an extra tool and I will keep working at it every day !!
      Thanks again so much !!!


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