Wine and roses…..and skulls !

More stepping outside my box today !!  I love roses and recently got some skull beads. I have wanted to do some of the skull jewelry but was not sure how to start. I thought that I would try combining the roses and the skulls and see how that came out, I see a lot of art and tatoos with those two combines.

The first set I made however, were just some simple rose , leaf and bead. So, it was a rose and then rose and skull adventure today !!

Here are some pictures of what I created today !!

This was the first set, I combined two of my favorate things, the metal rose beads and metal leaf charms, they are both nice quality and the lady I bought them from said they are guaranteed to stay bright. I used glass beads in differant shades to compliment the lovely silver  color. Even though they hang off the glass, they do not catch when you set it down.





Then the skull beads I just got caught my eye, hmmm, how about combining them with the roses, one black set, one white set ! I used lovely stones with the black and faceted glass drops for the white set. The pink bead in the black set is not stone, not that I know of, but it resembled rose quartz so I combined it with all the stone beads , which are also faceted !! the one between the light pink and orange is a deep raspberry color, it did not photograph well at all !!





I loved the faceted drops, and one of them is not a real single color, more of an AB combo so it is really pretty !!




So, that is what I was up to today, what did you do today ? I hope it was something creative !!!

Thanks for stopping by, please comment and say hi, and tell me what you have been doing, I love hearing from everyone !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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