Making custom orders, long distance

I rarely get a custom order locally !! Usually they are from people who live in other areas of the country so I had to come up with a system to design but still give them input like I would some one who was in my studio looking at all the beads with me !!
My studio is a big fat mess anyway this week, been working a lot and got a new large table to work on and I am pretty filling any available work space.














I take pictures of the group and some close ups



I do this for all thirty, six cards, five on each card, full shots and close ups. I maked P for pink and c for clear and w for white as some of the light pink looked clear in the pictures.  I also have her pick her chain, and we will pick a clasp later. I think she wanted a lobster claw so that is pretty straightforward.

I will email all the pictures to my customer and ask her feedback on the charms, she can tell me if there are any she does not like, or if she wants me to change anything, say, take the pink bottom  bead from  card one charm one,  and combine it with the top bead on card 4 , charm five, , and then we will build her bracelet. Some of the time, no changes are requested and sometimes I completely  have to remake it.  That is fine, that is what custom is all about, and I love it !!

I may have to dig out more things, or  she may love what I did, but either is fine !!!

Once the choices are confirmed I will cut and loop them and hook them on the chain, add the clasp, and it is done !!

Next I will email her the pictures and wait to hear back from  her and then we will get the bracelet built and mailed off to her !!

Now, I have got to get my studio straightened out and a bit more organized !!!

Yeah, THAT is going to happen today ……….!!!!

2 responses to “Making custom orders, long distance”

  1. Okay, you have way more beads than me THANK GOD SOMEONE DOES!!! I think this person should treasure this bracelet, which I am sure you are not charging enough for!


  2. I have a lot of beads !! That is the truth, lol !! I have a bead addiction for sure, I love them !! I am always on the hunt, but I have cut myself off for the time being , lol !! I could make a lot of stuff without every buying one more bead, lol !!
    Thanks !!! I think she will, she is a dear friend and I gave her a nice discount, but this is the third charm bracelet she has bought from me too !!!
    I love making the charm bracelets, they are so much fun !! They are probably my favorate thing, along with the wine charms I make, I love them a lot too !!!
    Oh, lets be honest, if it is with beads, I like making anything , lol !!!


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