I am in a big giant rut and want to get out !!

I have been beading for a very long time, over twenty years !! I decided tonight to look for some other beading blogs to follow, for the fun of connecting to other beaders and maybe to learn a thing or two. I learned that I am in a big fat rut, a huge one !!
Well, it is was a bit overwelming. So many kinds of bead work I have never even tried. I am a novice at wire wrapping, I can do brick sticth and make fringed earrings but have no idea how to do peyote or do the bead embroidery around a stone,But thanks to a blog I found, who directed me to a site teaching it, I  printed out instructions on that. I have never made beaded collars or fancy beaded bracelets, like the daisy chain, I mean, seriously, and I call myself a beader ?
so, I plan to get out all my pretty beading books, and start learning new things. I might find my new favorate thing to do if I try a few new things !!! My hubby has been pushing me a bit to get out of my rut and try some new things, and I thought I was being so adventuresome using wood beads and some stone beads, but , ahem, nope, not even a little. I have a lot to learn and I am going to start doing more.
I have a full shoe box of polylmer clay. A. SHOE. BOX . FULL . A plastic shoe box of all kinds of colors , another one of tools and cutters and rollers. I have a spagetti roller thing for clay, and I have a bead rack to hang beads on in the oven. But do I make anything out of the clay, that would be a big NO !!
So, gotta get my self up and out of my deep , well entrenched rut. There are so many things to try and the dumb thing is, I have pretty much what I need to do most of it. NOt all, but most.

What I want to learn,

try out more polymer clay,

Nov 26 blog  fimo clay pictures 014

Nov 26 blog  fimo clay pictures 012

Nov 26 blog  fimo clay pictures 003


learn some more complicated bead weaving and bead embroidery, if that is what it is called, but making those beautiful pendants and even entire necklaces on fabric or felt out of beads, I have twenty or so bead boxes of seed beads, a pile of felt, tons of beading thread in every color, so there is no excuse to not learn !!
Learn wire wrapping, Oh , I know the basics, but there is so much to learn and I have BOOKS, lot of books, and I have wire, LOTS of wire, lots of books, not all are here, some are packed away, who knows where for now, but I have at least a few good ones here, no excuses !!



Learn Stain glass and copper foil to use in my jewelry, yep, my hubby does stain glass so I have all the stuff to do both of those !!     All his big glass is put away until we move back int our house, we are currently letting our daughter and her family rent the house while we checked out other areas, but we are going to move home when they are done, so for now, we have six Whitman candy boxes, two pounders, full of small pieces and some fairly big small pieces from past projects, so perfect for what I want to do !! All the tools are here in my studio, we just have not made time for it !! We even have all the stuff to make glass beads, the glass rods look really pretty in a blown glass vase  on my shelf ….




resin, nope, that I do not have any materials for, but that can be on my once I have done a lot of the other things , I can try this list, along with ,
silver smithing, I have wanted to learn this for years, so has my hubby.
So, that is my list, for now. I am going to keep adding to it.
If I do not keep a list, I will not remember what I want to do. I am an adult ADDer from childhood. Notes, they are my friend !!!
It is a big list, along with the non bead things I am doing, crocheting a blanket for our grandaughter. I started it when she was born, she turned 12 in Oct, okay, maybe it will be done for her graduation, luckily it is really big !!

Paying off our bills so we can be debt free, that can be a full time job watching what we do financially, trying to save money, breaking old spending habits, debt snowball, the whole Dave  Ramsey thing, I have a blog on that too !! We are so excited about it !!

Working on eating healthier and getting excercise into my day, that means, stopping what I am doing, getting up off the chair, and moving for an extending amount of time !! Yeah, that happens , I do try. I am going to work harder this week. My doctor is holding blood pressure pills over my head, I am pretty motivated, but it is just one more thing.

Oh and that pesky little thing called house work, laundry, those things do not clean them selves, darn it !! I sometimes feel like I have one or two too many balls up in the air, and unlike my hubby who can actually juggle, and decided to in Walgreens the other day, totally enchanting the  yonng girl marking down the Easter candy, she begged for a lesson, what can I say, he keeps me  young, lol !! He is a hard working responsible man who never lost his child like joy in life, one of the things I love so much about him, but anyway, he can juggle lots of things, but I have a harder time jugggling my business, cooking, cleaning, laundry, phone calls with my friends and family, and just keeping up on all of it. I usually have laundry in differant stages of being done, and it frustrates me and I know it frustrates my husband, but he really rarely says anything, he is so wonderful, I would be so frustrated with me sometimes if I were him, I get very scattered ,  so I will have to figure this out !!

Oh, one other thing that I struggle to keep up with, and I love it, so it is stupid I forget to do this,

play my turn on Words with friends. My darn iphone just canceled all my games about a week ago because I had gone so long without playing !! I had to scramble to get them all started up again and then appologize to everyone. I asked everyone to please remind me, so they do now, so that is another thing I am trying to stay on top of !!!

So, anyway, It is all overwelming to me, what I have to do everyday and all the things I want to do and have never tried. This is not even counting all the non bead things I want to do,

Try Indian food,

Try Greek food,

go to Greece, Italy,   Ireland, England, Scottland, so many lands  I want to see ……

Try any food that is not Italian, Mexian, Chinese or just plain ordinary American food, excpet if it is wierd, I will not eat that salad at the Chinese restaurant that has little squids in it, or eat organ meat, or little crawfish.

But I have not tried pretty much anything , that is really sad. I am 52 and need to be more adventuresome in my eating !!

Well, it is late, I have to starting heading to the possiblity of sleep at some point !!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling thoughts. I love having this place to come to every day !!

I would love to hear what you struggle with in your day , are there things you have trouble keeping up with ?

2 responses to “I am in a big giant rut and want to get out !!”

  1. I can totally relate to this, even with everything you need at your fingertips it’s still hard to find the time to just get started. The next thing you know you’ve packed everything away into a neat little box and it’s forgotten about. Well done for pushing yourself to make a change. I find Pinterest is quite good for new tips and techniques, if you do a search for tutorials you get some really interesting stuff and you save them all in one place. Good luck!


  2. So far, I have not been as much into pinterest as some, but when there, I have printed out my fair share of ideas for future projects , lol , I will take your advice and check it out, that is a good idea !! I did not know you could get tuturials there, so that is awesome, thanks for the suggestion !!!


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