New treasures for me !!!!

I am so excited to have found some treasures today. I had a little money to spend and a bit of jewelry earnings as well so we went by the thrift store up near us and for once, they had some nice jewelry. They rarely have any good stuff, but I won the lotto today !! Here are some of my goodies that I cannot wait to transfer into some new pretties !!

these pretty buttons were on a chain and made an ugly bracelet, but taken off they are lovely and can be used in lot of projects !!


here is the chain, I will make another nice braclet out of it after changing the clasp and  adding an extension on the other side. It is a bit short.


a really ugly hair clip , cut apart and it is a bunch of cute  ceramic , tiny , tiny cups, and some stone beads. Cute little cups, but ugly barrette !!


this necklace is stunning. Beautiful  handwoven links, crosses with an etched design with blue glass beads, taken apart I can do so much with this piece, so many pieces to use !!! Triple length, so it is nice and big !!

IMG_8322 another look at the piece, some crosses removed already , a really pretty set !!


these pearls are the most stunning color and good sized. Put a penny next to show. Picture does not even do it any justice, they are heavy weight, mint condition and the string they are tied on is the same color as the pearls , hand knotted in between, nice quality but I will be cutting them apart, lol !!


Some sort of seed pod necklace, heavy, quality and very pretty. Can do a lot with these interesting beads for sure !!


found a few wood pieces, which now I am really excited to work with !!

IMG_8311 some really rich colors in these pretty round wood beads, I am thrilled to have found them !!


forgot to take pictures of these bracelets before I took them apart, lots of great  metal findings, the round metal beads are  heavy duty and nice, then the crosses from both sets will follow, got some really pretty crosses on the two bracelets !!




two identical sets of elephants, I see two  sets of matching earrings with an elephant pendant each !!!


a lovely all glass long necklace in golds and brown and  smokey gray with small gold metal spacers, a Joan Rivers piece. Such pretty beads !!


These are some beads I got with my pay pal money I had saved from an order, the skull bracelet was free , but I got two sets of increditble beads so cheap,    I LOVE Them, they are awesome, highlly recommend them to any bead lover !! Great customer service, amazing items, really wonderful prices !!

these beads are very tiny and just beautiful I will have to try again for both sets to get be tter pictures !!



my freebie for finding hidden Easter eggs on thier site, lol !!


Then as an added bonus to my day, David set up the drill press and did these things for me. We were experimenting, seeing what we could drill holes through , lol !! I have a bunch of each item to do, but we stopped for the night, but we will be making some more unusual beads out of non bead things !!
the first is a real accorn I had modge podged today !! Cute tiny accorn, I was so happy it worked on it !!


this is a scrabble tile and a hotel from monopoly !!


a few other cheapie finds today,



kind of look like stained glass


these are sooo cool , real and tiny


then my favorate piece, it went right onto my purse !!! I love rhinestones, lol !!


So, those are my treasures from the thrift store and a yard sale today !!! I am so excited to get working with it all tomorrow. It will be a while until I can spend money again, I just happened to have a bit this week.  gotta get selling, but then gotta stop spending with what I sell and SAVE it !!

Fun day, lots of great treasures !!

3 responses to “New treasures for me !!!!”

  1. Wow you did hit the jackpot! good for you!


  2. Wow what a haul, have fun playing with all your goodies!!


    1. Thanks, I have been playing all day, what fun !!


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