New Baubles to list !!!

I have been playing with my new pretties today and came up with a few new baubles  to list !! I will share them here, and then go list them right after that !! I got such a wonderful variety , it made it so much fun !!


this necklace was pretty but I took it apart,


reused the string, reknotted it , glued and put it back in the crimp bead  repeating the pattern of the necklace, just taking off all the small beads at the start and only left three, then started the pattern, repeated the start in reverse at the end, also knotting, glueing the knot and recrimping the bead.


then put it back together as a pretty chunky bracelet !!


I had a gold tone toggle from another piece of jewelry I took apart a long time ago, it was a nicer look than the lobster claw it came with.


I also had some pretty sparkly crosses to work with.


Bright clear sparkly set, my stupid pink camera  is reflecting, brand new in package, but most of  the chain and the way it was put together was garbage, I had to take off a good amount of it. I wanted more bling, so here is the finished product.

Gone is the bail,instead  made it into a pendant,  with a differant style of bail, harvested from an old piece of jewelry. Added faceted glass  beads and used some of the bead caps from another piece I took apart from last night, and metal rose beads, and here is the finished project. I was able to keep the top of the orginal chain, but that was it.


I also added faceted clear glass beads to the earrings as well.





Below are some  pretty earrings made from the huge necklace I bought, there are like 25 crosses with the blue beads on it, and then all the other elements of the necklace are so pretty !!



some crosses removed from the piece, dark blue glossy  glass beads, and such detail on the metal crosses, really pretty !!



This next one is really out of my box. Gunmetal and not symetrical !! I took two of the crosses off, put it back together adding in rich purple veined stone faceted beads that are so pretty !! I made a pendant using another puple veined bead, a pretty smaller faceted stone bead and a drop shaped AB glass bead and one of the crosses I removed . I made earrings using the same elements. It is really long too !! I had to put thumb tacks on the bottom of my bulleton board and take pictures that way with it hanging down the wall, it is pretty long !!






I am tired !! I got a lot done, but will be doing more. I still have so many amazing things from my treasure chest of new items !!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I was up to today, now off to list them !!

Thanks for stopping by, what are you up to today ??


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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