New things, new creations !!

I am working on trying new things, so I have been playing with some  new things, and here are some things I have come up with !! I love making recycled beads or art, it is fun to take something that should be trash, and make something usuable and new out of it !! Some people call it upcycling, I just know it is fun and makes you feel good about your project !!

I started with this,  wrappers from Easter peanut butter cups,


then I did this with it !!!  I got it a bit more even than this, lol !!


Then I got out these fun things !!!


extra fine glitter ! Such fun stuff !!!


Then did this !!! I did many , many coats, some with glitter and then some without, really fun and pretty !! Still a bit wet, will be more clear when this last coat dries.



Then I got this stuff out,

An old dictionary I found at a yard sale, no cover, from 1943, also had duck tape  binding, pages are very fragile,  had some pretty maps in the front and back !! I tore them up, they were intact until I got a hold of them !!!


and more of this !!!


and did this

still wet, just did another coat !!  I will post updated pictures as I finish these things up and get them ready to list !!


I took some of the pages of text, cut in strips and did some round beads too, so much fun !! Lots of work though, but I enjoyed it !!





Not very good pictures , I will have to retake them !!



here is here site, be sure and check it out, it is a really fun blog !!!




I would love to hear what you think !!!

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