Thinking new ways

I read a post from a fellow blogger over at
she showed some jewelry she made with paper clips, inspired by some necklaces she had seen made from bobby pins.
The link to that post is
It got me thinking about creativity and going out of your box when you create.
I am going to work hard to find new ways to be creative and use new materials. I got some ideas and will share as I try them, but wanted to inspire you with something fun I found on facebook.

these are made entirely from car parts, from Weird World on face book. Check out thier site !!


I think these are amazing !!

So, I think we can all take away from this that we can create from so many things !!

this is a pin I made from blue jeans.  Then I decorated with fun buttons, and lace and ribbon.

jewerly 1623

The take away from this post is I plan to look at things differantly and find new things to create with !! I will keep  you posted and share what I do !!!

I would love to hear what creative , out of the box , ideas you have come up with lately !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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