Storage Wars Texas, a fun day in Dallas !!

We had to go out of town so my husband could help our youngest son with some car repairs. On the way home, we decided it would be fun to find Jenny Grumbles store, she is a cast member on Storage War Texas , one of our favorate shows !! Jenny was not here as she is filming this weekend, but we got to visit with her mom Fran who is the co owner of the store.
Fran gave me this autographed post card  of Jenny, how nice was that ??

Mar 2013 236

We had so much fun looking around. They have a wonderful store and Fran told me they had been in business for 14 years  and you can tell. The store is laid out just beautifully and you can see how creative they are. If you live in North Texas, be sure to visit thier store.  Uptown Country.

Mar 2013 203

jennys store

They also have a website that is really worth checking out www. They do offer some furniture painting services as well.

We will go back in a few weeks and maybe get a chance to meet Jenny, but if not, we will enjoy talking with Fran again and looking around. I have no doubt there will be a ton more great stuff to look at and if  we save our play money, I might be able to come home with more than a dollar item I picked up from her today , lol !! Our oldest daughter collects crosses and she had a 1 dollar  bin, so I found a pretty cross there,

Mar 2013 249

is this cute or what ? I love it !!

Mar 2013 251

So, we will be back many more times I am sure, but next time with  money to spend, even if it is  just a little, lol !!  I know once we finish our debt snow ball and become debt free, move back into our house that our daughter is renting from us, we will be  checking with Jenny for the items we will need to fill that big old house , and I cannot wait until then , but until then, we can window shop and pick up little things from time to time  !!

So, a fun time for sure.

After we spent time enjoying  the store we walked around the shopping center and had a blast.  We had our spending money for the week and stopped and had a  yogurt at one of those places where you get your own yougurt and toppings and then they weigh it and you pay, very interesting. Not sure if I will do it again, but it was fun once !!

Then we walked through an antique store and took some pictures of neat things, wish I had asked Fran if I could do that in thier store, but I was talking and did not even think about it !!

This is a cool item. My husband has an authentic kilt,  he  used to participate in the high land games when he was younger, through when we had our second child. Then work got in the way and we never got to go again. This is the pin you would pin on the kilt. He has a simple pin.

Mar 2013 188

you know at least a few pictures of jewelry would be on this post, but there was hardly any at this store, so I only got the Scottish pin and this old necklace. Not that I liked the necklace, but I l iked  the idea and think it is a neat concept to try out but a bit differantly. The gold, not plastic one, lol !!

Mar 2013 176

A blue and clear chandelier, really pretty !

Mar 2013 182

I adore painted  metal trays, especially black metal with flowers like this one , gorgeous !!

Mar 2013 181

more trays !!!

Mar 2013 183j

This piece was HUGE and just beautiful, would love to have taken it home, no room and we

cannot spend 1700.00 on a piece of furniture, but we both  really loved it !!

Mar 2013 184

an interesting old umbrella top

Mar 2013 185

a neat old table

Mar 2013 179

we passed an amazing store that does tile work, can you imagine the work this stuff takes ?

Mar 2013 199

Mar 2013 200

hard to see with the glass glare, but  a huge sunflower, so beautiful !!

Mar 2013 202

Mar 2013 202

here is a fountain in the center of the shopping center, so pretty and big !!!

Mar 2013 204

We drove around all the lovely homes in the area and then headed home. Just a really fun day and one we will repeat soon !!

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2 responses to “Storage Wars Texas, a fun day in Dallas !!”

  1. Fun! I love going into stores like that!


    1. I wish I had taken pictures, it was such a cute store !!! I cannot wait to go back and see if we can meet Jenny, I might see if whe will let me interview her for my blog, it is worth a try !!!


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