Wine charms

I listed my favorate set yet, a set I had followed advice to make, and my advisor ended up loving them and buying them, so expect to see them replaced on this listing soon. They will not be identical, all stones are differant, but as close as I can get them.

Thanks Robin, what a nice suprise !! They really turned out nice and I am exctited to make another set !! So, if you went looking for them, I will be  making another set. They are pretty nice and I am sure the  next set will go fast two, the stones are amazing !!

So, this is the set, if you like them and want a set, let me know and I will get them done, other wise, another set will be made and put for sale today or tomorrow !!


Also going to list four of the other wood sets I highlighted here , so some new goodies to my store. Here they are again, loving the wood, thanks again Dee, you opened an entire new world to me !!






So, off to list these new wood sets and then make up the new set of stone and grapes.

I also plan to make some sets with the Eiffel tower, some cute ladies shoes, some paw  print hearts, and a few others. Lots of new stuff this week !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !! I really appreciate it !!!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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