Looking for new ideas !!

My husband and I are trying to walk and get out  when he gets home from work so we walked around an outdoor mall today and wandered into a few boutiques so I could check out what is in fashion jewelry wise. We met some sweet young girls working in the stores and had fun talking to them !! It is nice to meet so many really nice young people ,  we had a lot of fun in all the stores !!

I was shocked at the pastels that are so popular and love the bubble type necklaces that are everywhere. I was also suprised at all the plastic beads in the the trendy jewelry, I usually use glass, but some of the plastic was very pretty.

I got some good ideas for new pieces and hope to get those done as soon as I do a custom pink bracelet I have on order.

I did sell some wine charms today, so that is exciting. I had a customer ask if I could make an identical set to one I had listed so of course I told her yes, and listed another one on that listing and she bought them both today, so I made two more and listed them for the next customers.  This is the set she bought two of , which is the one our daughter in law had picked out when I asked her if she wanted a set before they left for Seattle. I still have to  make sets for our two daughters, our youngest son, probably has no desire for wine charms, lol !! I will ask him though, he might suprise me !!


I am mailing them out tomorrow, or rather David is for me on his way home from work !!

I am very excited to get that order !!!

Today I worked on listings and got a bunch of my new wine charms on the site. I am excited to see my store inventory grow. I hope to be up to 200 items soon. I have a few new projects to do but first  that bracelet order to complete and then I will really start to experiment !!

So, that is my day. Now we plan to shower, get in Jammies , eat a healthy dinner, and enjoy some tv !! It has been a very nice day !!

2 responses to “Looking for new ideas !!”

  1. I love wandering around the shops too looking for inspiration. But what shocks me sometimes is how cheap some of the jewellery is for the amount of work that must have gone into some items. It’s difficult to compete with that. Lovely wine glass charms by the way. Linda x


    1. I have to agree with you. I look on Etsy and see some beautiful work listed so low, and I know how much work it was to make it. I am not sure how they can afford to sell it that low !!
      I try to find a good balance, value for the customer but enough that I feel my work is not being given away. It is getting harder and harder to find the right price !!
      Thanks Linda, I love making the wine charms, they are a lot of fun !! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment !!


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