Bead reflections and getting my work ready for the week !!

I have my work all set out for at least the start of the week. I took my newest wine charms and some other items I recently made, and some I have had for a wh ile and got them photographed to list this week.

While I was doing that, my wonderful hubby was putting my desk together for me to use in the studio. I had lent it for the last year or so to our daughter in law and she gave it back when they moved and it will work great in the studio !!

After we got it set up and I moved my beads there, we got a rainbow show from my bead trays, so spectacular, still going on but starting to fade, here are some pictures of the beautful show I got when the sun  hit my bead trays !!




Some of my new wine charm, earring and misc item listings for this week. Have to retake the first few sets, they came out awful. This first set, too bright, then too dark, then another two  sets too dark as well. At least I figured it out after that, so I only have a few to retake tomorrow !!











A glass beaded bracelet, large pretty leapard glass beads, paired with gorgeous faceted glass black beads.


a chandelier drop that I wire wrapped


pretty green marbled stone


really long rhinestone chain with large glass faceted beads, simple and differant !! Very sparkly !!


A larger rhinestone chain paired with a square chain that hangs really long !!


I just love cobalt with the antique brass !!


Where there were a lot more, but I do not want to make this too long. I took 223 pictures, so that is a lot !!

I hope everyone had a great weekend !! I am looking forward to a productive and fun week !!


2 responses to “Bead reflections and getting my work ready for the week !!”

  1. Love all the new stuff your working on! SO awesome how the sun hit the beads. beautiful! 🙂


    1. Hi Heather, nice to hear from you !! Funny thing is, David is the one that noticed it, lol !! I loved it, so pretty !! I grabbed my camera and took the pictures right away !!
      got lots of new things I plan to get on my site, I am enjoying it so much !!


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