Trying some new things

I have been offline for the last week as we had grandkids all week. I did do some work, but just could not get online to post or list, so I will be doing that this week.

I have worked on some new things this week.  Some stone work, some wire work,  new ideas for wine charms, just some fun new things.

Here are some of the things I have been working on.

this is a wire musical note I made on request from our oldest Grand daughter. I bent it out of wire and then  hammered it to harden it. Came out cute !!


a couple of chandelier crystals that I wire wrapped , I hammered the design out before I put it together


This is not a good picture, it is a pendant I made out of large glass beads and a chandelier drop







some fun curly glass beads,  making some wine charms out of them, some are white, some are colors



An assortment of interesting beads I dug up and decided to use. The large bottom bead below the drop is a moon glow glass bead,  so heavy and pretty !!



these beads I have had a very long time, sold a pair of earrings made of them a few years ago, they look l ike ice cream, I thought they would be pretty wine charms.


some pretty round stone beads with some fluer de lis charms, a bit differant.


these colorful glass beads came from an old bracelet I took apart a couple of years ago. Just came accross them the other day and thought they would make fun charms !!


The large hearts  are made from electrical wire I stripped and then formed and hammered, then made a jump ring for each out of the same wires . The other items are smaller copper wire I purchased


These are some of the things I have been up to this week. I will be posting some of them this week, after I get all the charms looped and cut. I have to get good pictures of the other things along with the finished charms.

got a couple of orders to work on this week as well, so a busy week, but I am having fun !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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