Studio in chaos !!


played a bit in the studio before I faced the mess !! Old pieces of jewelry and the letters glued with clear tacky glue onto one of the scrabble stands !


why, when the room is really bright, does my camera take such dark pictures sometimes ?


I actually took some of the project while I made it, but they are too dark to see !!

DAvid brought up the drill press, and now I have to figure out where to put everything else !! Some of it is piled here on the work bench



and some is piled on my wooden card table , a creative mess !! Thats what I tell myself at least !!


All of this stuff came off the work bench, our stuff for copper foil , glass, tools, copper foil tape, and so on. Glass rods for making beads, something we plan to try when we get back into our house again in the next year or so.

I also have all my art supplies here, pencils, pastels, brushes, and the stain glass tools, lots of stuff !! Beading and art books on the bottom shelf !!

Grandkids coming again for two days and h ave to get it all off the card table so it can go into the closet so we can set up the air mattress for the girls !!

For you with sharp eyes, yes, that is a picture of JR Eweing from Dallas. I am a huge fun of the show and a friend got my this autographed picture from back in the day, I have not gotten it up on the wall, but I have had it for years. With Larry Hagman gone now, I treasure it all the more !! I love Dallas, the theme song is my ring tone on my phone, lol !! We lonly live about ten minutes from South Fork Ranch, I was pretty thrilled to find that out after we had been here a a while and just happened to drive by it on our way home from somewhere !!! It is fun to know they are over there taping again, been loving the new show, not sure what will happen now though …..


I have a food scale for some package weighing My old business cards with my old business name, I used the back for shipping labels so they are not totally wasted !!


So, I have to take all these piles and fit them on one remaining book shelf and the work bench. I cannot wait to have a studio and seperate guest room !! I  have to make do for now,  but it makes it hard to work sometimes  but not taking the grandkids is not an option, we will take inconvience and having them here for visits any time !!

So, as my hubby organizes his garage, I am working on my studio. I plan to get a bigger book shelf to put in here and move the smaller one into our room. But for now, this is is. I supposed the trays will get put around the drill press through tuesday and then the card table will come back out until the next time our grand kids visit !!

Totally unrelated, we noticed this week that spring is coming to North Texas , here was the creek behind us  this morning !!



In another month or so, the apartments accross the creek will disapear except for the tops of the roofs in places and a couple of chimneys !


We are very ready for both the amazing Texas wild flowers, but the full trees and warm days Hope we get a break before hot, but at least we have the pool here for those hot days !!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a great weekend !!

3 responses to “Studio in chaos !!”

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  2. Hi! Found you via Ruthie Hart. Wanted to say that without knowing what kind of camera you have it’s hard to say why it takes dark pictures in the light. There are 3 things to consider – aperture, ISO and shutter speed. ISO is the easiest to adjust – check it out and see if that’s something you can tweak. Otherwise – if you have a tripod (or something stable you can leave your camera on for a bit and your beads aren’t moving ( he he 😉 ) make sure the shutter speed is low. Something like 1/30 or 1/15. My 2 cents anyway. I love your baubles! 🙂


    1. I have a point and shoot type camera, a Cannon Elph, not sure what I can and cannot adjust on it. I will take a look and see !! I would use my husbands SLR but we do not have a micro lense for it yet, so I am kind of stuck with my cute little pink elph !! We do have a tripod, so I may give that a try , never thought of that , great idea, thanks !!! I am worried I am just wearing the poor l ittle thing out. In the two years I have had it, I have taken so many thousands of pictures, much more than the average person !!
      I am so glad you found me, it is so much more fun to write when people read and answer me !!!


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