Smile, life is good !!


My pin cushion. Our oldest grand daughter got a hold of it and created this happy face , makes me smile every time I look at it !!

Life is good, and being able to just sit here and type is a wonderful thing !!

My studio is still a mess. Once we were done with two weekends of grandkids, I was ready to put it back together and then found out I would be having grand kids again starting late this weekend possibly though a good amount of next week, so , putting the studio back together is not going to happen !! Oh well !!!  Makes it a bit harder to work, but it is a blessing to have the kids over and once these visits are done, we probably will not have them over for a month or so and I can get back on track !!

What am I working on today, here are a few things .


terrible picture, they are so pretty and bright, bright white pearls, and so this picture is a disapointment,  but I will take more for the listing. This lovely set of wine charms will be listed in my Etsy store today, and I am working on some bridal charms and some cute little fairies, which I forgot to photograph, but here are the wedding charms I have to work with, just add some beads and they should be cute. Have five of the same, the couple, the ring, the love tag, the crystal heart with the bail, and then each one will have one differant and unique charm to make them each a bit differant.



some of the guitar picks are there too, those are what our 12 year old grand daughter and I play with. She gets orders from her friends and we make the pick necklaces up. I only charge my materials, we have a good time playing with them !!

I have a custom charm bracelet order I plan to start on and then a gift I am making for someone, both of which I will post here as I get them done.

So, it is a gorgeous day here in Texas, will be around 70 or so, which is nice. Perfect actually !!

I hope everyone has a great thursday and I will be back soon with more projects I am working on. I will show the charm bracelet step by step, they are fun to do !! Pink too, so it does not get much better than that !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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