An exciting day !!

I am so excited to have gotten a wonderful review on my hand made earrings and wine charms from a blogger I sponser Ruthie Hart. She had some very kind things to say and it meant the world to me !!

I am working today to get some new and fun items in my store, here is a couple of things I added ,

these are the wine charms Ruthie reviewed I added them back on my site, three sets,


here is a new and fun set I just made, I plan to add a  zebra set in a bit, will post those here when I am done !!



these are the charms I shared the other day, here are the zebra again, will be like above, but with silver findings and  these awesome zebra rhinestones,


I have about twenty sets of wine charms already made and plan to get some of those listed today as well.

I lost a week due to the accident, but I am back on track now and working hard to make up for lost time !!

If you want to read Ruthies review and see my items, the link to Ruthies site is to the side of this post.

The Indian earrings she reviewed are these


They are actually a bit greener blue then the pictures show !!

my trays are always set up to make new pairs. I make these to order !! That big spool of thread is around 20 years old, but I used the smaller black spool, although I have a huge black spool like the white one !!



Sorry about the blurry picture !!  My camera does well some days, some days, not so well, I think I am wearing it out !!

I will add the zebra pictures with any other listings today later, in a new post !!

Thanks for stopping, hope I can make something for you !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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