Where there is a will, there is a (creative) mess !!!

Well, it is a new week and I got a bit behind on projects with the car accident and all that last week brought. We saw our son and his family off on thier new adventure in Washington state and will miss them so much !! Not sure how many years the Army will keep them there, but a visit to Washington will certainly be in our future once we meet our goals of being debt free in the next year !! Then we will save up and go see them !! I cannot wait. Never been to Seattle area before, that will be so fun !!

So, this week , I have my work cut out for me. Ruthie Hart at Ruthiehart.com, her link is to the side of this post,  is going to be talking about some earrings and wine charms I sent her so I want to have my store all shined up with new things in it before she sends people my way next week  !!

I also have a special custom order to make a pink beaded charm bracelet, how awesome, I cannot wait to get started !!

I am also working on a baby present for Ruthie as well, will show once she gets it, not going to let her peek before it is done !! I think she and her hubby Jon will really like it !!

Here is our dining room table. It is  temporarily my studio. We had two grandkids for the weekend and they sleep in my studio. Our oldest grandaughter and I love to bead together so the only option with an air mattress taking up most of my studio and my work bench piled high, was to make the dining room our work area. I have a wonderful hubby who is just fine with that and encourages me to  do whatever makes me happy !! I do the same for him, by the way, but he has had a hard time as it is hard to set up a stained glass studio in an apartment.

So, here is my creative mess !!



I feel in love with these rhinestone style animal print charm/ beads 50 percent off too !!



found this cute apron at Michaels on clearance, plan to bling it up with some sequins and seed beads, that will be fun


I cannot believe, me, the camera zealot forgot to take pictures of all the  guitar pick necklaces our oldest grand daughter and I put together for her friends, but here is one she made for me to sell. If it sells, I will make sure I pay her what I earn for it, I want to encourage her. Did not tell her that because if it takes a while I do not want her disapointed , but it will be a nice surprise to give her when it does. I will list it this week giving her full credit !!


got these amazing head pins to make wine charms with, strung some beads but no commitment yet, was just kind of playing with them, cannot wait until they are done, they are just lovely !!



Some new beads on half price off, love that !! Only spent money I had earned from my etsy account so I did not go crazy !! Could have lost my ever loving mind at half price, but I only got a few !! I was very good and did not even spend all my Etsy money.



terrible picture, but I love t hese glass zebra and I only bought three or four of the ones they had on clearance, I was good !! I could have bought them all, and might of in the past, but we are on a goal to be debt free so I could only spend what I had earned on Etsy with my jewerly , so I behaved, but it was hard leaving those lovely glass zebra beads  in the store !!


another bad picture, sorry !! Leapard, not on sale, but had a 40 percent off one item, so I used it on these, and only bought the one string , which I had taken off the string when I took this picture !!


not beads yet, but with my hubby and a dremil they will be soon !! He said he could make them beads easy, so I leave it to him, but I cannot wait !! Also on clearance, and I only bought one box !! I am telling you, I was really being good !!


so, those are my new goodies and I am excited to create this week. I was going to make an angel for our new car, I have made angels for our cars for the past twenty years.  They are on my beaded items page at the top of the page, glad I did not do that. Would have made it more upsetting to have spent all those hours on an angel for that car and then lose the car  !! My superstitious side says, if you had only made the angel  , then maybe….. lol !! I know better, but we have had  angels I made in all our cars over the years, as well as both our sons and our daughter in law. They make us feel safer I guess. I think there is something calming about a sparkly angel on your mirror. At least to us there is !! Here is a picture of one I had made a few years ago for a friend of mine !! I was going to make a silver with black edging to match our car . Made one those colors for our sons truck and it is so pretty !! I usually put a lobster claw clasp on the top of the loop, to put them on the rear view mirror, but she did not want a clasp.

jewerly 019

Well, that is how my week is shaping up. Got a lot of fun stuff planned and will share as I make !!

I hope everyone has a great week, thanks so much for stopping by !!


3 responses to “Where there is a will, there is a (creative) mess !!!”

  1. when you get to visit your son and his family here in Washington, you need to make sure you go to Ship Wreck Beads…..the first time I went I was totally in awe of the store, it is huge….like a costco or sam’s club of nothing but beads and jewelry making supplies!!!! It is amazing!


    1. That is why we rented a two bedroom apartment when we moved here. We needed a place for me to work and it doubles as a guest room when we have company. Had so much fun at that store and really behaveed myself. I actually prefer working in the dining room and might leave it out there for a while !! I can really spread out on that big table !!
      I will be sure and checked out that store, I think they are online aren’t they ? I thought I might have ordered from them at some point ? Our youngest daughter went bead shopping in SEattle and said there are some great bead stores, so I will make sure to bring bead money when we do go up to visit them !! It will probably be at least a year, but something to look forward to !!


  2. Your dining table looks just like mine!! Can’t wait to get out or a 1bedroom apartment! Love your jewelry haul!! I wish I could find a half price store here!! I would lose my mind lol


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