Been quite a week …

Sorry I have not  posted in almost a week, it has just been quite a week. My husband took vacation days for tuesday through thursday to spend time with our son and his family before they headed toward the west coast on thier move.  Wed we were heading down to help with anything needed while the moving truck was loaded . On our way, it was rainy and wet and we ended up in an accident. Brand new car, never made a payment, and now it looks like it will be totaled.

My amazing husband, with very little time to react as we came around a curve ,managed to avoid this accident by about five feet !! We were so thrilled he stopped in plenty of time,  just to be hit in the back by someone who was not as lucky !!!



our car was untouched in front and our damage was from a full size pick up that swerved and missed us, but his trailer swung around and wacked our car hard and did all the damage. Broke our axel and  his. He managed to get around the line of cars and pulled up on the side, you cannot see him in the pictures he is behind the fire truck in the one picture. David walked up and talked to him and he was not happy to find out we were not part of that big accident, that David had stopped with plenty of room to spare , and it made it a seperate accident.




It is so sad because from the other side, you cannot tell the car was hurt at all. But the damaage is so extensive they are all but certain right now it is a total loss. Never even paid a payment on this car. Had it three weeks. The police officers told my husband, hey, no worries, you did what you were supposed to do, you stopped, he did not do what he was supposed to do. He tried, but the wet roads and swerving fast all contributed. He came out on the same blind turn we had but he had less room to move, my hubby stopped five feet behind the red car and then the length of our car just did not give him enough room. My husband said he had a car on either side of him when it happened and could not move so just hit the brake as hard as he could and that wonderful car stopped,  fast. I recommend Passat by VW to anyone. That car did what it was supposed to do and kept us safe. The back door still opened and had we had kids in back that day, they would have been shaken up a bit, but fine. The side air bag came down on impact all the way down the side of the car. We are impressed. We will not replace it imediately, but when we do, it will be another Passat. We had gotten a great deal on a service car the dealer had released for sale, they had just released all the 2012 service cars and they were a great deal with low milage. We will probably tell our salesman when they do the same thing with the 2013s call us and we will get in then and get a new car. We saved so much by getting a certified used, but only owned by the dealer so it was not really a used car. So, it might be a while until we replace it, but we will have a new Passat one day in the next year.  We could go right out and replace it,  but we would not get the deal we had. So, we will just be patient and see if we can get another deal like that !! I am not sure we will ever buy anything else. We are so relieved to just be a bit achy and sore, but alive and well.

so, I have not been here for a few days but next week I will be back on track. I am still exhausted and we had a lot of stuff to deal with as anyone who has been in an accident knows.

So, no beading today, but I have some fun projects to share next week, I hope everyone has a great weekend !! Thanks for stopping by !!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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