For a little princess

I have some projects to work on this week and one is sort of urgent, and my own fault it is !! I promised one of our grandaughters I would make her a beaded crown ornament for her room and never got to it,  business always seemed to take my attention away from that project . I have to get it done now , however as her Dad, our oldest child and son, is moving his family to Washington state . He is a soldier and it is time to go, so I have just a few precious days with them and also a few precious days to finish my promised project !!

Here it is laid out.

First, this is what it will look like, but a crown, not a shoe,


here is her soon to be crown Cut out, and the pattern of sequins laid out on a spare cut out. Hers is cut out in pink, forgot to photograph it, but I will. A pink in the center of each rounded point, with white around it, and then the bottom has alternating white flowers and pink sequins, and then above that, a row of tiny 3 mm sequins and then I will fill the rest in with pink and white sequins, the pattern is still not worked out, will get these areas done first, then maybe do a row of pink above the tiny white and then some pink flowers and white, but not sure. It has to be very girly and pink enough for a six year old girl who adores anything pink !!  The loop will be pink with some pink glass or crystals on it with a silver lobster claw !!



Keep in mind, I use seed beads to hold them on so you do not see the empty center and the seed beads add a bit more sparkle to the piece. I used a clear with an AB finish on the shoes and will do the same with the crown !!


The back will be plain pink felt, no beads or sequins,  and the edges will be stitched together with a seed bead edging in a pink probably. I very lightly stuff it with cotton to give it a bit of shape. It will be fun to see it come together , it is kind of a see as it goes type project. the pinker the better !!

Here is the princess who asked for the crown !! Fresh out of the shower in jammies at our house a couple of weeks ago !!


She is a bead lover too and we bought her a stash of beads and will pack it all up nice for her to take with her !! I might mail them too, we will see what her parents want me to do.

We have four other grndaughters, one is 12 and is a talented jewelry designer already and the other three are six and under and I cannot send them beaded things quite yet, not until the youngest is a bit older. I will help the 12 year old design an ornament when we have  her and her brother over this coming weekend !!  I cannot wait to be able to make the other three, our youngest daughers baby girls, some pretty beaded things, but not until it is safe, the youngest is only two !! The oldest is the same age as the princess above, two cousins a week apart exactly !! That was a fun year, as our other daughter was also pregnant to , they had the girls first and then six months later, she had her youngest boy, the one coming this weekend. Our pictured princess also has an older brother so I will have to see what he wants me to make him. It might be a felt only charactor from one of his beloved cartoons or games !!

So, I will be working on this project tonight and tomorrow night until it is done, will post my progress.

They are a lot of work, but so much fun. I cannot wait to see how this one comes out !!

Here are my chinet plates of beads for the project. These are always made up in these colors and some others I used frequently, like black and holiday colors for my ornaments.




Well off to the post office, I am so excited to have sold three of my big bracelets this week, they are so pretty and I am thrilled to be sending them off to new homes !! I have an order for another, in pink, so that will be fun, like our little girl grandaughters, Grandma loves pink too !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


Hubby just walked in and reminded me there is no mail service today as it is a holiday, lol !! So, no post office until tomorrow , darn it, I was so excited to mail this out.

Here is what I sold this weekend, since I have some time to show you !!! I am so excited to send these off, so I am disapointed I could not send them off today !!!


Bracelets and charm bracelets Oct 2011 017

Copy (3) of Copy of bracelets aug 2011 030

this next one is just beautiful, deep rich reds and cobalt blue and I made some wire stars for the set

jewerly 343

and I have a special order for one of these charm bracelets in pinks, so that will be fun, and my project after the crown and a new beaded angel for our new car !!

Okay, off to start on the pretty sparkly crown !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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