Studio and Grandkids

I thought I would share what I do when I have some of our grandkids over and I have to pick up my studio for them to sleep here !!

I used to completely take it apart but with so many projects going on, I just cannot do that. So, instead of breaking out the air mattress and moving furniture we found they are just as  happy to bring sleeping bags and camp out on the floor. So, I put up things that are breakable, they are not destructive but where kids go, accidents happen, lol !! And we store all of that on my sturdy metal work table. Then we will put some heavy blankets around the table legs of the  other tables so they can put thier pillows there and then they can watch tv while they go to sleep. It also gives them floor space to play and watch the tv during the day when we are not doing things together !!

So, here it is picked up for the kids, should have taken a before, I had stuff spread out all over  but I did not think about it until I was done !!

Feb 2013 002

Feb 2013 005

Feb 2013 006

Feb 2013 001

We  have lots of games, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Angry Birds, Memory game and then some fun crafts, beads for our grand daughter , and the Shrinky Dinks for both of them, and our grandson has his  favorite video games and when Grandpa is home, Wii is out and played a lot !!

Feb 2013 010

Feb 2013 011

This will be a bittersweet weekend. The last weekend we get to have this set of grandkids over for a long time !! Thier daddy, our oldest son, just got back from Korea and he and his wife and kids are moving to the far upper west coast next weekend. We are going to miss the four of them so very much but it is a very good move for them !!  I will get this weekend and then Sunday all four of our kids, and all seven of  our grandkids will be together for a few hours at thier house, so I am so excited !! I only get this opportunity to have them all together with thier families every few years. Unfortunately neither of our son in laws can be there,  but we will have everyone else !! LOTS of pictures will be taken and treasured this weekend !!

For those who have noticed my debt blog, we will be talking to our debt coaches on Saturday evening for the first time and are very excited. We have had many emails go back and forth and it is exciting to know these lovely and smart people are going to help us blow up our debt and move to a debt free status, that is very exciting !! They did it themselves and are teaching and leading us to the same amazing goals !!!

So, we are very excited to have this special weekend, and will enjoy every second of it !! Back to work on Monday, but then the next two weekends  are the other two sets of grandkids, minus the two year old, I just cannot get this studio safe enough for her to sleep here !!

I hope everyone has a great weekend !! Thanks so much for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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