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Been busy and up to a lot but have not posted much here, so I am sorry !!

I started a new blog about money and debt, will put a link, and then I have been working on our personal finances, which I get into a bit on the new blog.

Been looking at all I need to do and I got a full plate , actually a complete buffet, lol. Lots to do !!

I am excited that the bloggers I am sponsoring will be doing reviews of my work, I cannot wait and will let you know, when and where.

Been spending time with our son and his wife and kids, we only get them a short time and they are moving pretty far away for the next few years. Thus is the life of an Army Mom, and Dad, my hubby has to deal with the sadness of them going as well . We support them 100 percent and are proud of thier service. I say they because anyone that knows a military family knows the service the soldier gives and the family give as well. The spouse has to carry on as a single parent and the kids have to deal with the loss of a parent for a sinificant amount of time, not getting to talk to or see that parent for months at a time, and when it is a year away with no leave, that is rough on everyone. Our daughter in law and grand kids handle it so well. We are proud of t hem.

We have a daughter who is an army wife and has three kids she has to raise alone when her husband is deployed. She does an amazing job. We have such respect for her and our daughter in law and such pride in them and our soliders.

So, that has been a priority as well so I have to say I have not been working as much this past week dealing with them getting ready to go soon and starting a new get out of debt plan.

I am just as dedicated to this blog and my jewelry as ever, and in another week, I will be here full time again. I will be here as much as possible until then and I appreciate you coming by !! I have a lot to list and show you, so I will make it up in a lot of posts soon !!

Thanks so much,


Why do I ask him to smile ? he is more ornery at 32 than he was at 16 !! Our son and his oldest child and our oldest grandson !!

Feb 2013 008

his  youngest last time she visited, a lover of beads like Grandma !! we went bead shopping and had a blast !!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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