More wine charms listed

Since I have about a week until my first review, I want to get a lot of wine charms listed in case I get some traffic. I am going to make more just like the ones I sent Ruthie, she really liked them and I thought they were cute too, these are the ones I sent her, so I will pick up more beads and make a few more sets  just like them !!


Today I listed the following sets













Whew, I am beat. I took something like 72 pictures and then downloaded them and then posted them all. I have one left, this one, I will post tomorrow . I will take more pictures and then post another large group.


So, tomorrow this last one and another ten to a dozen will get listed after I take thier pictures, down load and then finally get them listed. I am ready to get them all on the site as I am very happy with them and have enjoyed making them. I wish people could see the quality. I get amazing reactions when people get them in the mail, but you cannot tell from the pictures how nice they really are. I work hard to make them as good quality as possible and they are made to last.

Well, off to relax. I have been online between the blogs and listing and emails all day , I am tired !!

Thanks for stopping by ,


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