No more Artfire !!

Okay, I am done with this subject !! I went over it again and what I decided is, even if it could be cheaper to have Artfire, it is a bill. I only owe Etsy if i list something, or sell it, and if I have an Artfire account I pay 12.99 a month if I list or not, sell , or not. I am just not comfortable with that. I was in the two week free trial, so it is not costing me a thing to have tried it, but I find Etsy much more user friendly and I can control the cost a lot better so that is what I plan to do. If I spend 12.99 at Etsy, I will have listed almost 65 things that month, so if I list 60 things per month it is the same cost, but only for four months listing, so I suppose if I list and after a while I am listing and nothing sold, it would be more, but I still like the  idea I can control what I spend. When I first did Artfire, you could sell for free. Then they made it mandatory to pay each month but it was only 9.99 . Now it has gone up three more dollars. So, no, I have deleted the link and closed the account and just kept the buyer account for now. ]

Etsy has had the same fees for as long as I have been on it, and .20 cents per item for four months is pretty reasonable. It is not worth it for me to sell beads, so the few I left on are it, I cannot complete with wholesalers and cannot ship for less than 2.07 so selling a buck and a half bag of beads with shipping that is more, it does not  make for many sales. I get a few, but not many. I will stick with my jewelry and some of the findings and charms.

So, finally, I have made a decision that I am sticking with. I got very few views the few days I was on artfire, compared to ten times that on Etsy. That kind of finished making up my mind. Artfire says they put you at the top of goggle, but I do not see it. So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Etsy is a good site and that is where I am staying.

Thanks for bearing with me as I made this decision. I am pretty happy with my choice !! Now, to fatten up my Etsy store, that is my next goal !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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