New wine charms and family stuff

I just listed  six  of the 32  wine charms I have finished but  yet to list, whew, but I will get them all on Artfire this week !!

ths first set is so pretty. They are heavy faceted glass heart beads. So pretty, they look like something from a chandelier, but I got them at the bead  market, and love them !!

Feb 2013 066

This next set are  some interesting and one of a kind  beaded wine charms

Feb 2013 050

this set is a fun set that is definately unique !!

Feb 2013 038

Nice bright colors define this next set, bright and pretty !! Fiesta time !!

Feb 2013 064

more fiesta colors with a large moonstone glass bead underneath, so pretty !!

Feb 2013 056

and last, for the stone lover, a pretty set made with round stone beads in a pretty rusty orange red swirl

Feb 2013 044

I have 26 more sets to list and each one is fun and differant. I have a few sets that are alike, but most are completely differant and unique. I love making one of a kind things, that is so much fun !!

So, this is my work for today. Hubby is on his way home and the rest of my weekend is going to be spent with him and our son who just got back from  a  year overseas with the army, and his wife and kids, wonderful weekend !! We missed him so much , it is good to have him back, until they move again, lol !! The army takes them far away most of the time, so we enjoy the moments we have. Mommy said I can take a family picture later, so if she is agreeable I will post it here to share !! I am hoping to get a picture of our four kids togther too, I only get that chance every few years !! It is just getting them all in the same room at one time for those few precious days we are all in the same area  , lol !!

Here he is with his kids, They are eating tacos on clear plates, they really do have plates, they are not eating directly off of the blanket, lol, he is helping them with a game !! Like his dad he loves to play with his  kids, my  husband is great with the kids, they love Grandpa !! He was a great daddy and now a great grandpa to our seven grandkids !!

Feb 2013 009

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2 responses to “New wine charms and family stuff”

  1. I dunno Mimi could have been, I think more food ended up on the blanket!


    1. LOL, true, but it is really funny how those clear plates completely disapear in the picture !!! It looks like they are eating on the blanket !!


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