Etsy versus Artfire, my decision

Well , day two and I have come to a decision about this entire move thing. I will keep my buttons, charms, both resale and homemade and beads on Etsy. It is harder to list resale , even vintage items, on Artfire as they seem to want a lot of information I do not have. I will put my wine charms, all my tribal , American Indian style items and beaded and sequined items on Artfire and all my best and most unique earrings and jewelry. My more everyday stuff, will stay on Etsy. I will see how this goes. I have to get my Artfire store at , and maintained at, a good 400 plus items to make it worth the 13.00 a month, that may take a few  months, I am going to give it  full six months after I reach that goal, hopefully in a month to six weeks, and then reevaluate where I am at.

I put a link to both stores  on my blog page and will see how it goes. I am pretty excited and look forward to seeing how this helps with my sales. I feel confident in my quality and workmanship and strive to make things that are pretty and when possible unique and differant. and   although some of my earrings are nothing out much  of the ordinary, I do use quality materials and work hard to make sure they are as good qualtiy as possible. Sometimes I make myself crazy and have to ask my husbands advice. Often times he will tell me something looks fine , when I am picking it apart. He will tell me when something is not right, so he is not j ust telling me everything is peachy when it isn’t, but I was working on seed bead earrings and being a perfectionist and he did that type of beadwork years ago and is the one that taught me, and when he says they look good, I can trust it. I hate the idea of anyone buying something from me, and being disappointed in it. So, I take it pretty seriously but can go overboard and need to keep my perspective and realize that I am doing good work, and I cannot do better than the best that can be done !! I am learning to let go a bit and I lean on him when I am feeling like I am being too picky and not being realistic. I love beading with seed beads and thread, so it is a joy to me, and when I bead for myself I do not feel that pressure but I am  going to learn to not worry so much, people  have always responded well to my work and if there is an issue one day with a piece, I can just fix it.

So, Artfire is now a part of my company and I am excited to be branching out to another audience. I have this blog listed so people can come here and find my Etsy store as well , and I will see about putting this blog address on Etsy as well, to get traffice to my Artfire account !!

I have so much work to do and I love it. I have almost 30 sets of wine charms, all differant kinds to photograph and list and my wonderful hubby, who in addition to being a really good stain glass artist, is not only going to teach me copper foil, but help me photograph my items for me. He had offered before but I did not take him up on it, but now I am going to. I will still be in control of what papers are used to set off the pieces, but I will ask his help with that as well. He does have a good eye and I need to let go once in a while, lol !! Can we say control freak ??? I take it all very seriously , it is my business and I want it to be successful, but so does he and I know that and I do trust that he has good instincts as well.

I am very excited about this new chapter of Stephies Beads and  Baubles, and look forward to making so many wonderful items.

Another fun developement, two of the wonderful ladies , whose blogs I sponsor are going to do some product reviews for me !! I am so happy about that !! Thier blog links are  on the side of this page, be sure and check them all out, they are all nice  positive blogs that I really enjoy !! I may ask the third one if she would do one for me as well ? It is very exciting !!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am excited to be working and planning a lot of new projects !! I have so many things in my head, and despite getting up hours earlier than I used to, between five and six am, used to be nine or nine t hirty am, I do not seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done I want to do !! It is a fun and exciting time for me !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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