Moving my store

After thinking about it and going back and forth over the decision. I have decided to move my store from Etsy to Artfire. Artfire charges one flat rate per month, not per listing like Etsy, and so I can build my store as big as I want without incurring extra charges. They also do not take a cut from my sale like Etsy does and they offer more payment options. THey also get you out on the internet better too than Etsy does.

So, I am in the process of moving, will get a link up to my artfire store in the next day. If my etsy store disapears while this is going on, I appologize for any inconvience but I will try to time it so artfire opens as etsy closes. I will have the same name, Stephies Beads and Baubles. I may just put etsy on vacation while I try out artfire so I can just start it back up if I am not happy.

They let you upload from etsy onto your computer and then artfire tells you how to move those l istings to them. Easy peasy. Wow. I now have to get them in my store.

So, got some orders going out to my wonderful blog ladies I am sponsoring and a new customer. I am so grateful !! I will keep you posted and will get that link up as soon as the store is open for business. I think it will be a good move for me finanically and I will do better there.



2 responses to “Moving my store”

  1. I started on Etsy but I’ll have to check out ArtFire if it will be better in the long run. Keep us updated!


    1. It really depends on what you sell I think !! I am going to leave my charms and buttons and beads on Etsy and sell my finished pieces on Artfire. They give you two weeks free and tell you how to move your inventory and it is pretty easy. Still have to list each one, but it makes it so you only have to do some of the work, the picture and basic listing moves, you just have to do some of the detail stuff they have you click on.
      It is worth checking out for sure !!


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