Copper foil in my future

I am very excited that new things are coming to my jewelry designs. I am going to be doing some copper foil pieces very soon !! My hubby is an excellent  stain glass artist and I have watched him for years making pretty pieces and have always wanted to incorporate some of the glass into my designs. Finally, I am going to be able to get started very soon !!

We are currently renting an apartment while our daughter and family rent our house from us. We decided to do this for several reasons. We wanted to try living closer to my husbands work, which is an hour from our house, and the kids would have a hard time renting with pets in the area we live in and to top it off, our son in laws family is moving out this year from Calif to Texas and our house is big enough for all of them plus all thier pets while they find thier own place.  We will move back in when they get a place . We are loving the apartment, it is roomy, clean, very very quiet, and we have a private location facing a creek bed and being on the second floor it is even more private with a one car garage with direct access through a stair case out our back door. It is a wonderful place, but we do miss our house, the town it is in and most of all , the people. Our two daughters and thier families. Up to the end of this month, our daughter in law and kids, our son is coming home after a full year overseas this week, but we only get him a couple of weeks and they are all moving to the west coast. Up in the Seattle area.  We have a lot ot our stuff in our storage barn at our house and our work shop at our house and we went down to the house for the day Sunday to show off our new car, yay, pretty exciting, and to watch the Super Bowl with the kids, got to spend time with our other daughter and kids first and then while at the house, we filled our new trunk with all my hubbys copper foil and most of his stain glass supplies plaus all the games we had left, including four differant monoploy games, Star Wars, Corvette, both from kids that did not want them anymore, the classic from when the kids were small and a lovely wooden set we have also had since they were very  young. . When packing up the glass and supplies we  did not bring the big pieces of glass, or the grinder. But we have his six large candy boxes of smaller pieces and other than the grinder,which we will get next time ,  all his tools. I cannot wait to learn !! We have some organization to do first, a book case or two to buy, but in the next few weeks I plan to have some fun with the glass and a soldering iron. I want to get some jewelry friendly solder, but I am one step closer to my dream of making some glass jewelry !!

Here is what we brought home !!

These are two pound boxes , we did not eat all that candy, that is my story and I am sticking to it !! lol, we bought a bunch of candy at the factory and over a period of time we ate it, I think we might have given some but asked for the empty boxes back, but that was over three years ago, this glass has been packed up since our daughters family moved in , wow, actually going on four years this Aug.


I only opened one to show what was inside, but each box is filled with scraps from his lovely pieces, in the color written on the box !!


then for the flat marbles, this is one box, we have another in the garage I have to bring up, most bought at yard sales and thrift stores and the rest at  Walmart or the dollar store !! Not sure why we have the bag of rocks, there was some project I had in mind obviously at one time, and the odd copper thing on top is actually made from the inner copper fins from a car radiator, my hubby worked for a place that made car radiators and got some of the fins and made a few intersting paper weight type things from them , I have more on my little table with cloth, button and knitting  needle flowers my friend Bonnie made me !!


You can see those flowers and odd copper things on the corner of the table !! OH, side  note, the basket on the floor with pink in it, it is a blanket I started when our oldest grand daughter was born, umm, she just turned 12 in Oct, I really need to finish it !!


all Davids tools and my stuff all mixed together, it is a mess for sure !! I gave him a Pampered Chef tool caddy I got when  we moved to Texas, I got that from Pampered Chef when I was a  consultant, I love thier stuff !!! It is a better stain glass tool holder then kitchen tool  holder for sure. You can see a swirled glass vase with sticks in it, those are glass sticks for making beads. Something we had just gotten interested in when our daughters family moved in and we had to pack up our stuidos, so we hope to play with that again some more too !! You can see the copper tape for the copper foil and all the tools for stained glass, copper foil.


my work bench , such a mess, got several cookie trays of beads piled up and lots of parts and pieces.  I have to have trays of stuff out to work. YOu can see a piece of corian and a chair on the side of the picture, the corian is for my fimo clay and the chair is a folding one when I have someone in here with me so they can sit. It was my moms and I took it when she passed, she called it her thinking chair, which was actually, until she quit smoking, her sit on the porch and smoke chair, lol !!  But I love it because it makes me think of her when I see it !!


I have 27 sets of wine charms to list, but it is icky and gray and foggy out, so not sure if I can get any decent pictures of them to list !!


This is what I have been up to, I am really loving the wine charms, and the funny thing is, I do not drink wine, not at all. I am not a big drinker, not for any other reason then I just do not like it. I do like stuff like Mud Slides or Marqaritas, or daquiris,. Pina Colidas, but do not drink them often, less than once a year. I have not had a mud slide or Pina Colada in probably 12 or 13 years actually.  I will drink a glass of wine when friends are serving it, but it takes me hours to drink it and I always have a diet soda with it.   I do not drink coffee either, so I do not feel like a grown up when out with others who drink wine and coffee and I am drinking my diet soda !! My hubby drinks a beer or two on occasion , but mainly water, so that helps, he is not a huge fan of wine either !! I t hink the fact we were so broke when we got married 31 years ago, we could not afford to drink, so I never learned to like it and now at 52, I have no desire to learn to like it, if I do not like something, I will not drink or eat it !!

Well, you probably learned more about me then you wanted to, lol, and that is what is going on in my studio, I cannot wait to share our copper foil glass  work in progress and what we create , you know me, I will take a thousand pictures !! I am very excited !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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