So many beads, so little time !!

I love beads, no doubt about it, and I can get lost when I get started on a project !! I find that I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to do !! I have so many projects in my head to make, and I am slowly getting through them, but I always have more than I can possibly get done, but that makes it more fun !!

Here are some wine charms I listed today, then I will share some pictures of the ones I have to list still !! I love making these charms, they are so much fun  !!

These three sets are my take on steam punk




Some of the pictures are dark, still fighting that battle, but in the listings I have five pictures and got some shots of the sets that were brighter from differant angles, showing some of the charms in each picture,

Here are a few sets I have to still list. I have to retake all of these, it is so tedious and makes my job so much harder and I just wish I could get it figured out !! Sometimes in the same session, good bright ones and dark unclear ones, so I think my two year  old, way overused camera is letting me it is on its way out. Most point and shoots do not get used as much as mine has been used !!





this set I actually gave to our daughter in law, so I will recreate it to list, it is really pretty !! One of my favorates, so I was not surprised it was the one she chose !!



my first set in gold, bought the rings by accident and decided to go with it, and got some gold head pins and I love them, they are very pretty !! I have a lot of head pins and rings left, so I will be making more gold, I hope other people appreciate them as much as I do  !!! Used a vintage white glass bead that has gold starts both pressed in the glass and then painted with gold, I took them off a piece of jewelry years ago !! It was fun to have a set to use them on finally !!



Here is a tray of strung but not looped sets, I make a bunch at a time and play with them until I like them and then loop them all at once, and yes, that is a skull and crossbone charm, a kind of pick your poison set,  Our daughter in laws cute idea when she saw me working with the charms !!


the owls are actually done, just have to photograph them and list them , they are just not bagged yet !!


this next one is blurry, but I love this design, found these bead caps at Bead Market and love them !!

I am making a few sets up like this !!


here are some more and then some with the moon stone bead on bottom , love those too !!


Celtic inspired with warm antique brass metal findings and bead caps, and those lovely celtic knott charms, love them with the jewel tones


I am not sure about these yet, but that is what this stage of the process is about, moving them around and changing them until I like them, and I sometimes get others input too, my husband is a huge help !!


So, that is what I have been up to this week, along with trying some new jewelry, not sure if these pictures really show what they look like, I will post better later, but they are longer earrings, with rhinestone chain and a large bead and the other pair, a short rhinestone chain with a square chain hanging longer behind it, something outside my box !! LIke usual my pink camera reflected, but they were fun and just something differant !!


so, that is what I have been up to this week, so much I want to do, but just not enough time, but I have fun and that is what really counts !!

What have you been up to this week, anything creative to share ???

2 responses to “So many beads, so little time !!”

  1. Love those elephants! You’ve made so many!! They all look great!


  2. Thanks !! I have 27 pairs to list now, just waiting for a nice day to take pictures, it is so dark and dreary today !!


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