Wine charms listed !!

My day did not go exactly as planned. I got four sets of wine charms l isted, but no more finished today. I found out that shipping , especially overseas was going up and I had to change every single one of the 122 listings I had to fix it. I just took international off for now. I am not sure what it is going to be and the most recent international one ended up costing me three bucks out of pocket on an eight dollar sale, so not really worth it to me . The way I look at it is no one is going to want to pay as much for shipping as they do for the item, so unless you are selling large ticket items, it is not worth  it really to ship overseas.

So, that took me a few hours to go through every single listing and remove international. ugghh. I was determined to list some and I did pick four sets and they are now part of my Etsy store inventory !!

This is the four I chose for today !!





Four pretty sets , the six count sets are 14.99 and this last set, the eight piece set is 18.00

So, anyway, I am done for the day, a bit tired from staring at the screen all day !! My hubby is home and we are going to grab something to eat !! Date night !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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