A beadful day !!!

I had a very busy, beadful day !! I have a couple of dear friends I talk to once a week and one of them I had planned to talk to yesterday but stuff happened and we made it today instead. My hubby ended up working overtime which meant we could talk longer as she is in another state and a couple of hours time zone behind me, so I decided I would bead while we talked.

My goal was to design and make up ten sets of wine charms. I got all ten designed, but only half completely made and another one looped , except for one c harm and the rest I have to cut and loop and then put them on their rings.

Here are some of my sets from today. I had so much fun but after seven hours of beading, I am beat !!! I will get up tomorrow and finish the sets and list them. I am waiting for some antique brass  rings to come and then I have three sets done in antique brass and another one partially done. Got lazy on this picture and did not display then very well. They are all in jewel tones, plus black and white,  but of course the camera did not get it right at night in all artificial light.


I love this next set . I used a large white frosted glass bead and then bright rainbow colors on top to complete the set !! Really pretty and fun !!


all pink set, gotta have one !!!


zebra stripe and leapard !1 I used red, black and white on the zebra and black , brown and a metalic brown  for the leapard !!


all blue set


unfinished white set , love this, with some vintage white bead caps in glass and a glass vintage white rose


green unfinished. So many pretty colors, many of these beads are recycled from old pieces I took apart !


one left to loop, why in the world did I stop there ? Oh, the phone rang and then I made dinner, oops !!!


I adore Fiesta colors !! You would never  know it by our house, my husband would probably object, but I love bright, bold, fun , colors, so this was an especially fun set to design. I used a silver flat metal bead on the bottom of this set !!


Not quite so pretty and organized tonight , but I have had so much fun !!


Heres the full view of the work table !! A creative mess !! That is my story and I am sticking to it !! it is not as dark as it looks, but this camera does not do well lately. I think I might just be wearing it out !!


Another fun beading day, it was a beadful day and one I really enjoyed. I will finish up those sets in the morning and take all my listing pictures and get them all on Etsy !!

Thanks for stopping by, what did you do to be creative today !!??


4 responses to “A beadful day !!!”

  1. I like the animal print ones!


    1. THanks, I thought it would be great fun to do something differant like that !!


  2. These look awesome! Really nice! I can’t decide which sets I like more, they all look great! If only I had six wine glasses to put them on!


    1. Funny thing is, my hubby and I really do not drink wine !! I have wine glasses, and I have tried to like it, but I am just not a big drinker , he prefers those interesting beers with the strange names, like Ugly Pug, and Fat Tire and my favorate, Buffalo Butt , but he drinks more water than anything, I am a diet soda kind of girl, lol, but we do like to drink other things out of our wine glasses, like chocolate milk or egg nog. We have only big glasses otherwise and they are the perfect size for juice or other stuff you would drink in small glasses, like the egg nog !! I might just make myself a pretty charm to use on my wine glass just to be pretty, I like the idea of the charms even when you do not need to tell the glasses apart !!


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