Some new stuff

I have been busy planning things and buying things, I am always finding new fun things to create with and thought I would share a bit of what I am up to this week.

I  love making wine charms and plan to make dozens of sets, they are just creatively a fun thing thing to do.  I can make all kinds of earrings and not have to make the second one, something not many creative people love doing, duplicating the second item once you have done the first !! I do enjoy making earrings, but the fun part is always the first earring, that is the creative part, making the second one is the practical part and that is never the fun half although seeing the set done, that is fun !!

So, I ordered more wine charm rings in silver, thought I ordered a antique brass but it was  bright gold, so I had to go to the store and pick up some gold head pins and looped pins so I can make up some gold sets as well. I ordered the antique brass so I have a lot of t hem coming too !! I found some wonderful metal beads at the store too, so at half price this week, or whenever it ended , at Michaels, I grabbed a few of them !!






Yes, I have a mess on my hands, my bench is always a creative mess when I work !! Here are all the trays I have going right now, with beads, charms, findings to make wine charms and whatever else I can think up !! Above is the first tray, I have a few things piled on top of the  loose items and there is actually a tray under it I forgot to photograph!!





Well, off to make some pretties !! I plan to get some wine charms made and listed and I another project inspired by Heather from the Mosbys in China I have to figure out and a Ruthie inspired one that is really fun and I cannot wait to share. A busy day, and I hope everyone enjoys a good day , thanks so much for stopping by, I should have more fun things to show later today !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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