Playing with beads

Nothing is more fun for a beader than playing with the beads !! I took a beading tray and made piles in all the differant colors so I can start making wine charms !! The fun thing about the wine charms is that nothing has to match so I can use up those one of a kind or weird beads that I had no clue what to do with. Sometimes when you take apart old pieces there is an odd bead with no match. So, I just made pretty piles and ended up with a rainbow on my tray so I thought I would share !!


IMG_5948 IMG_5949




So many pretties !! The boxes are still very full, except sad to say red. My red box is all but empty, what is in the tray is the majority of what I have in red. I will have to see when the bead markets are coming to town, red has to be replenished !!

So,  now, tomorrow, I will be making up several sets of wine charms, meant to do it today, but I had a lovely day reading blogs, answering emails, talking on the phone to our youngest daughter and daughter in law and just having a fun day. Tomorrow, work. But now it will be fun work since I have the beads all set up to go. It is never really work in the studio, it is play !! That is why when I do not feel like working and I am enjoying the day, I never feel bad,  I have fun and unless I have an order, I take it day to day and enjoy my studio. Most days I do work, it is my passion, but today, it felt good to feel well rested and full of energy and I just enjoyed it. My new schedule is obviously working great !!

Well, off to spend time with my hubby, I hope everyone has a nice night !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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