My first giveaway winner !!

I am so excited to be sponsoring two blogs. One of them, The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, had all the sponsers who wished to participate , pick an item or credit to give away.

Since I know everyone has differant taste, I did not want to chose one single item, so I offered 15 bucks store credit, with free shipping. I did not want someone to win and then have to pay shipping on thier free item, that would be just wrong !!

I have a winner, I was so touched by how excited she is !! I will not give her name, but here is the item she chose from my store as her prize !!



She was so excited and thrilled and it made my day !! I am just as excited to send them to her and they went off to work with my hubby today and he will mail them on his way home as I am still carless since our car was totaled  in a car accident last summer . We are actually starting the process of car hunting this week. So, we will see !! I hope to have a car again soon !!

I am sponsering two blogs, Ruthies blog and another great blog,   The Mosbys in China.  Heather Mosby and Ruthie Hart are long time friends. I found Ruthie after her and her husband were featured on House Hunters last July ,  and they kept showing her blog, so I had to go check it out and I am so glad I did. I found Heathers blog through Ruthies blog .  Both she and Heather have just lovely blogs. They  talk about thier lives, food, and all kinds of fun things, but always in the most upbeat and clean living way. It is refreshing and wonderful to see young people who embrace thier faith and live it. Good wholesome content on both blogs and I am proud to be a sponser of both of those  ladies blogs and  hope you will check them out too. If you came here because you saw my ad on one of thier blogs, then I do not have to tell you what lovely blogs they are. The added bonus of seeing China through Heathers eyes is really fun !!

I always enjoy reading about other peoples lives and what they do and places they go and food they eat, and I think many of us feel that way. These blogs let you into thier lives and you can enjoy seeing  how they live and getting ideas for your own life with thier recipes and craft ideas.

Here are the addresses for the blogs,   and

Be sure and check them out. I will be giving away the same 15 bucks in Feb, so be sure and check in with Ruthies blog around the 15th when she puts up all her sponsors prizes and how to win !!

Congrats again to my winner and your earrings will be on thier way this afternoon !!


3 responses to “My first giveaway winner !!”

  1. You are so sweet Stephanie. Thank you for all your sweet, kind words.


  2. You are awesome Stephie!! I absolutely love the earrings the winner chose, she is a lucky lady! And I am so glad you found my blog on House Hunters 🙂


  3. Hi Heather and Ruthie, thanks !! I am so happy you both dropped by !! I meant everything I said, you both have such lovely blogs and I will send anyone I can your way !! It is so wonderful to read such postive and lovely content in this sometimes not so postive internet world !!
    I am so glad I found you Ruthie and then Heather through you, you are both awesome ladies and I am so excited to sponsor your blogs !!!


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