Made me feel kind of stupid

Well,  yesterday was an experience I will not forgot for a while.

I had been at Michaels buying  some goodies I needed, and some I didn’t , beads, findings, lol, like I need more, with my wonderful hubby showing me all kinds of other things, he is as bad as I am , he does not do any beading, but he enjoys shopping with me and helping me find interesting things, lol !!

I also had fun helping another customer out. She was making her first jewelry and what fun it was to help her to figure out what to get, and show her what to do. I was so excited to play with her and the beads !! By coincedence we found out we have the same last name and her daughter is Stephanie, she even showed me on her phone, lol . I gave her my card and hope she contacts me, it would be fun to have a new beading friend ! She seemed to be my age too !!

Well, we got to checkout, my protege behind me, we were still talking beads, and I see this flyer, WHAT , they are looking for someone to teach  jewelry making classes, OMG, I was so excited. I talked to the manger, showed her some of my etsy listings on my phone and gave her my card. She said I had to get online and apply.

Okay, now I get it. Now I know why people do not get jobs they are perfect for, and I was literally in tears by the end of things.

The test , the stupid, unbelievable test they make you take to see if you are right to work there. I was cut off halfway through the math. I did not know I would need a calculater, so I had to go find one, and then my hubby called and then they said, when I was half way done,  OKAY, YOU ARE DONE WITH SECTION ONE ….. WHAT !! I was not even half done. They were such dumb questions. Not normal stuff we use in normal life. Then the fun began. 12 pages, yep, 12 pages of the cagey, trying to catch you in a lie, pysch questions.  Same darn questions reprhased differant ways and designed to trap you. I answered honestly. No, I do not get angry at work, No, I do not feel the need to advance in this position, I  WANT TO BE A JEWELRY CLASS TEACHER,  what possible advancement could I aspire to , really ?

I do not feel the need to get awards for my work, but yes, that is nice if I do and I do feel people work better being praised for good work, not being put down for bad work, although I do feel constructive criticism is a good thing. Anyway, I was telling my husband and he told me, you will not get called because you told the truth. Everyone gets angry, so if you say no, they think you are lying, even though I would never get angry at work.  Anway, by the end of this experience I was pretty sad. This job would be perfect for me. I would do a great job and becuase of a stupid test I will most likely not even be considered. Managers are not allowed to hire anymore, the corporations are in charge.

Our youngest son worked for Domino pizza for years. He is not working there anymore because he moved an hour away and it was not worth it to drive that far , they would hire him back anytime. So, he went to apply at the one near his current home, she really wanted to hire him, but said, well , you have to go online and apply, so he did and when he called her back a week later she told him, well apparently they did not like one of your anwers so they would not let me hire you . WHAT ? Has years of experience, has a positive work history with the company, but he could not get hired because of a stupid online test.

Wow. This was a huge eye opener. It is a  stupid way to hire people and I do not understand it. I told my husband, well, I probably will  not be able to get a job because I am not good at lying and telling them what they want to hear.

So, something needs to change , it is just a sad day when good people , perfect for jobs, lose the opportunity because of a test . Evidently the people who are good at playing the game, get hired.

By the way, my hubby did not have to take one of those when he was hired nine years ago , but now they do it and they tried  to make them all take it years later, just because and  he was a jerk and answered C to all the questions, it made him mad they made them take it years after they were hired. lol !!

So, my symptathies to anyone else that has had this happen to them, it is a demoralizing experience and I cannot imagine how much worse it is when you have to get a job , not just want to like I do.


2 responses to “Made me feel kind of stupid”

  1. The most annoying thing about these online tests is that they will tell you “there are no right or wrong answers” when that’s obviously not true. If you don’t give the answer that they want to hear then of course it’s the wrong answer, isn’t it?


  2. That is sure how it looks to me !! It was just so disapointing !! Why not interview people first, and then have them take the test. The hardest part is that other than a causal conversation with the manager, I was not given a chance to actually try for the job. At least I got to talk to the managers, some people never even get to do that !!


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