Photography Frustration

I am not really sure why, but lately I am having one heck of a time getting photos for my Etsy listings. The colors just do not come out right, or they are dark, or just weird.

I just took these of some new wine glass charms and this was try number three !! Arghhhhh !!




These pictures are horrible. They do not show the beautiful beads in the least !! I did a set in pretty romantic colors with pretty romantic charms, and all you see is a dark dim view of them. I am so frustrated. As a jewelry designer, you can make something just beautiful, lovely colors, pretty accents, but if the pictures will not come out right, it makes no differance how nice your piece is.

I cannot list these with this set of pictures. It is my third attempt and second back ground. I am not sure what the problem is, but I have got to either get some studio lights or something. I am very frustrated right now !! My head is full of fun ideas of things I want to make, but without good lighting, there is no point in working hard to make pretty things to sell !! I am not giving up making pretty things, so the lighting is an issue I have got to resolve !!  My point and shoot canon has done a great job up to now, but I am not sure why all of a sudden I am having so many issues !!

Well, that is why I have not been here showing stuff for a few days, my pictures are awful. I have a table full of stuff, but no good pictures to list them with !! My hubby has a gorgeous big fancy camera, but no micro lense, and the cost of that lense is out of reach for us right now, so I have to figure out lighting

I got so desperate I even tried my iphone camera, lol. They are a bit clearer, but still too dark !!

Anway, just wanted to vent and hoped someone might have some good advice !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


7 responses to “Photography Frustration”

  1. No advice because I am a terrible photographer, but the charms look lovely to me, so I’m sure they’re even prettier than I can see And I really like that background – especially in the picture where the charms are actually on the glass stem. I can’t decide if it’s too distracting for the close-ups, but I really like the composition of the stem picture. Good luck!


    1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I had so much fun making them and it is frustrating to be stalled by the photography. Figuring out what to do with your items, that is the hardest thing to learn, when does it enchance, and when does it distract, and I am still learning that lesson !! I have come a long way , my pictures compared to when I first started listing is night and day, but I still have a lot to figure out !! My husband bought me some of those bright white light bulbs, but at night it makes them almost black and white, but , I think in the daylight, with that enchancing them, it just might do the trick !! I miss having a back yard to go out into and use the bright sunlight !! Our balcony is shady all day so that is no help and I am not dragging it all down the stairs and out into the common yard lol !! I know you can build a light box too, and that might be what I have to do, lucky for me, I have a maintenance mechanic for a husband, he can make me pretty much anytihng !! I will try again tomorrow and post what I get !! Fingers crossed they come out better !!!


  2. sorry you have been havinb trouble taking pics!
    I know thats so frustrating. Have you tried plugging desk lamps in and pointing them on the jewelry? Also you can buy an external flash. or try taking them outside?


    1. Outside is not really an option, I would have to drag it all down from our apartment and unless I have to, I would rather not do that. I will if it is the only option but I will try others first !! I have been using desk lamps and the weird thing is, all the stuff I have been posting is fine, just all of a sudden, nothing is coming out right ? It is very weird !!! Could be the camera too, it is a two year old point and shoot that I have taken thousands of pictures with. I am sure I will get it figured out !! I sure appreciate the feedback, thanks !!!


  3. Does your camera have a setting to blur out the background? It may look nice to have the beads nice and focused and then the wire at the end is a little faded? Might look cool.
    Can you photograph near a window or in natural lite? Sometimes that works for me.


    1. I will have to see if I have that feature, that would be great !! I will play with the settings tomorrow, thanks !! I really appreciate that suggestion !!
      Not sure about the natural light yet, but I am hoping I can find one window that will work, I really do not want to carry it all down stairs to the outside area !!


  4. Oops i just read your prior comment about natural light!


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