Balancing work and home

I had a productive day. I got some work done in the studio, but just some prework for some projects I want to do. My hubby  decided to take a double shift today so I had a 16 hour day to get stuff done.

The apartment had left a note on the door that they would be having the fire sprinklers inspected today so that means they have to go into every room and closet in the apartment, including the landing for the garage stairs out the back door and so they have to check the laundry room sprinkler as well as that  one out the back door in the stairwell  as well. . So, I got up, got dressed, made the bed, something I have to admit I am often bad about doing. Then I hit the ground running. I swept and mopped, and dusted, which it was pretty dusty which suprised me, I guess it had been longer than I thought it had been !! I got the place all pretty and nice along with running the dishwasher and doing laundry, all in about an hour and a half. It was not bad at all, but I could see I had let it slide more than I like.

Oh, and by the way, got it all done well before they got here, so that was a relief, she was through the place in five minutes and I doubt she even saw my apartment, lol. I still felt better having it all nice and clean !!

That is my biggest issue. I have a very hard time balancing work , and housework. I always have had trouble with it.  I am an adult ADD, diagnoised and treated as a kid and teen, but since  graduationg high school I have  not had any meds ,  I just deal with it. I can be scatter brained, no doubt, but I am getting better as I get older and that is a good thing.

What I decided today is I am going to get up every day as early as I can manage it. Eat my breakfast and put away any breakfast stuff from me and my hubby, and then do some housework every day. Clean the bathrooms, vacuum, dust, sweep and mop, do the laundry, but something , every single day. If I do something and rotate it, it will never get to where I feel the need to spend an hour and a half deep cleaning the entire place. It is an almost 1100 sq foot , two bed, two bath, so not huge, but not tiny either.  Nice size. Actually quite spacious for two people.  The one bedroom is my studio/ guest room, we have a sleeper sofa too, but we have one of those taller air mattresses that are more like a bed, I just have to move the tables on the wall accross from my work bench into the closet and set it up there when the grand kids come over . The closet is not studio , it is both of our stuff, and photos, and misc  this and that.

Cooking is another issue. We had gotten into bad habits of eating out too much and since the start of Dec we have been working hard to eat at home and have really done great.  But I had let our stores of cooked stuff in the fridge run out. So, the other thing I did today was cook up a pot of brown rice and one of uncle bens white rice, both the largest amout , in the oven in casserole dishes, comes out perfect every time. I cooked up chicken breasts, I cooked up some ground beef, extra lean and seasoned. I cooked a crock pot of black beans and a package of tortelinis that have to be used by Sunday, so I boiled them up and put some defrosted spagetti sauce with Italian sausage in it with a jar of Classico spagetti sauce. I  have two large salmon filets to cook up tomorrow and that will give us lots of great ingrediants for the week. Just have to pick up a few pieces of produce and some frozen veggies too.

So, I have to stay on top of food, and housework. A life long battle !! I get to  beading and I forget to eat, let alone do the house work or cook, so I have to do the house work first, then I can play all day in my studio. I just cannot have my poor hubby asking if I would please do whites because he needs socks, that has been happening way too often lately and I am really upset with myself over that. He works hard, I am at home, the least I can do is make sure he has clean laundry. He is so supportive of a business that has only made hobby money for 20 years. I am hoping to build it up from there, but he is fine with it as long as I am having fun and I am happy. He is a  treasure I am so grateful for , 31 years and counting. I am very blessed !!

So, tomorrow I get up, new plan in place to keep this place nice and clean AND  create my pretties !!

Thanks for stopping in, I would love to hear how you balance creativity and house work !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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