Snow , nice wake up surprise !!

I am so excited !! I woke up and knew it was going to be cold but when I picked up my phone to check the weather and it said light snow, I was shocked !! I flew to the window and much to my amazement,  there was a nice light dusting of snow, wow !!

Now, to many people it is laughable, but to a former Southern California girl who only saw snow a few times in my life, IF we went up into the mountains, ANY snow on the ground, or even flurries coming down is very exciting !!! White stuff on the ground is so pretty  and something I will never , ever take for granted !! Last year we never really got cold, so no snow at all. This is not our first this year and we actually got snow on Christmas day and woke up the day after to a couple of inches on the ground, so to see some again is very exciting !! I am sitting at my desk looking at the white on the roofs and the tree branches and it is just so exciting !!

Here is our snow !! Now, you Northerners, do not laugh at me, this is really exciting to me !!!





So, how can I not have an amazing day when I wake up to snow !! My view is so lovely out my studio window. It is right next to the balcony so the view in these pictures is pretty much the view I have minus the balcony of course !!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, snowy or not !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


4 responses to “Snow , nice wake up surprise !!”

  1. Hahaha… I’m exactly the same way with snow. I grew up in the Mojave and my neighbors think I’m nuts for getting excited about an inch or two. Our post Christmas storm was over 30 inches spread across about 5 days. Crazy!


    1. Wow, that is exciting !! 30 inches is wonderful !!! I would be in heaven with that !!! I love snow and get excited even when it is flurries !!!


  2. I’ve been living in yankee-land for fifteen years now, and still get giddy for snow after a childhood in south Texas. It’s always a treat — until you have to shovel, or go somewhere… but freshly fallen, and while it’s falling, it’s so beautiful!


    1. I love watching it fall !! Never having experienced that while growing up, I am still thrilled even when it is just flurries !! The snow , the fireflies and the blue bonnets will always be something that I find enchanting living here in North Texas !! I never take any of them for granted !!!


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